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poumtatalia 09-14-2010 03:42 PM

When I type "sudo grub" it says "command not found" in Ubuntu 10.10
Hi there,
Just trying to use the grub from Ub 10.10 boot CD and it gives me
"sudo: grub: command not found"
A post suggest to do
"sudo find / -name "*grub""
which I did but then what??
The result of that last command is

Thanks in advance for your patient help!

AlucardZero 09-14-2010 04:37 PM

So... what are you trying to do?

pandanuma 09-14-2010 04:38 PM

what are you attempting to do in grub?

to see what version is installed...

grub-install -v
here is a link to grub documentation...

syg00 09-14-2010 04:54 PM

And by implication, (legacy) grub commands won't work on grub2.
More info needed.

saikee 09-14-2010 05:19 PM

Ubuntu 10.04 uses Grub2.

Grub2 has no shell as Grub1 so the "sudo grub" command should never work.

99% of what you want from "sudo grub" is available in Grub2 using its own sets of commands in a Bash terminal.

Kenny_Strawn 09-14-2010 05:21 PM

And 10.10 further enforces the deprecation of this command.

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