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tbrownarcher 12-07-2007 05:10 PM

When I installed Mandriva 2008 My Ms Windows XP fonts changed
When I installed Mandriva 2008 (free) since i didn't pay for it. My Ms Windows fonts changed.

Can someone tell me why and how to fix it? I'm talking about the default fonts that windows uses. I can change them but every time I go to Mandriva and come back to windows it changes them back to whatever Mandriva wanted.... What do I do about it???

I'm assuming it is setting my video card settings and the video card is going to use whatever it was last set to. That does not make a lot of sense to me though. If I restart my computer why does not the video card lose it's settings? I thought the settings were in Windows and if they are why are they being over ridden?

My System

Dell dimension 3000

2.8 mhz processor

Intel 8286 5g {i can't get it to run the nvidia GForce FX 5500 card (grrrrrrr)}

Windows XP or Mandriva 2008 (free download did not pay for )

Westinghouse L2046NV monitor

tbrownarcher (nate)

masonm 12-07-2007 05:37 PM

Actually it makes no sense at all. Linux has no effect on the fonts used by Windows or visa versa.

tbrownarcher 12-07-2007 05:58 PM

Well, I cannot stop it from happening.

oskar 12-07-2007 06:46 PM

The fonts are vector graphics saved on the windows partition. Which fonts should be used as default is in some windows configuration file. Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with Mandriva.

tbrownarcher 12-08-2007 05:57 PM

really bothers me that it has worked for months and the first time i put mandriva on the machine it changes immediately .... there must be something to do with mandriva.... it's the only change ... no coincidence..

I know! your all gonna stick to your guns but so am I and nothing will be changed.

tbrownarcher (nate)

Agrouf 12-08-2007 06:12 PM

I know it sound like magic, but there must be something real doing this.
Would you please check your /etc/fstab file in Mandriva for mounts on the windows partition and maybe delete it just to check that it doesn't affect windows anymore...

tbrownarcher 12-09-2007 01:50 AM


I have no problem now ... I don't know what was causing it but i went to windows and changed it again and then shut down windows and restarted windows and it did not change.

I then went to mandriva (after updating my mandriva 2008) and then went to windows and everythign was ok. I have no idea what happened..

Yes I'm mounted on the windows side too because i can read the windows files.

tbrownarcher (nate)

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