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claudius753 01-29-2004 11:36 PM

When booting PCMCIA error...driver not found?
When i boot up vector on my laptop it gives an error when loading PCMCIA support "[FAILED] No PCMCIA driver found in...."

I am guessing that no pcmcia driver came with it? Where can i get the driver? When i search google i get sites for pcmcia devices.

My card is a actiontec modem that is supposedly supported by linux (says on the box and onlie sites i checked out) So how can i get it set up? Is there a separate PCMCIA driver plus the modem driver?

I have tried getting a scan tool download in windows and save to floppy thats a .tar.gz file but when i try to untar and unzip it doesn't work.. Says its not a valid gzip file? Maybe becaue i got it in windows?



SciYro 01-30-2004 12:19 AM

somtiems tehy do that, try treating it as .tar.tar or .tar.bz2 somtiems tehy work, but try geting pcmcia-cs from , it dident work all that well for me, so right now im usuing a driver from teh linux kernel, but we dont use teh same cards so ..... but pcmcia-cs does suport a lot of cards, your card should be suported

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