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BCCHowdy 07-26-2012 12:35 AM

Wheezy - Removable media becomes unreadable after time passes
Good evening everyone.

As the subject says I'm running wheezy and I'm having trouble with removable devices 'removing' themselves from the system after a period of time. The amount of time when the disconnect occurs is undetermined. It just happens.

So here's a rundown. I have wheezy installed to a jump drive which I boot to from a desktop or laptop. I typically run VMs through virtualbox and I have an external drive that hosts the VM images. I can connect either through esata or USB 2/3 but it doesn't change the situation. After I get up and running the removable drive will suddenly become inaccessible where virtualbox will report it's read only. Attempting to run fdisk on it to view partitions through the terminal results in 'bad superblock'. Oddly, disconnecting and re-connecting the drive brings it back to life.

Whenever I mount the external volume (either through terminal or gui), it's always mounted with root permissions. I'm curious if the permissions to the drive are lost similar to how root permissions for some actions 'time out' and you need to put in your password again.

Any ideas what might be happening?

Thanks for the help,


aus9 08-04-2012 05:58 AM

well until you get a better answer.....some points

1) what is on the internal hard drive....and why haven't you converted it to Linux?

2) ok so bios has usb stick booting up yes?

post the contents of its /etc/fstab

3) its never a good idea to try running fdisk on a "mounted" can safely do it on an umounted device. so lets move on.

4) your host is wheezy on usb stick yes?

and it has virtualbox installed yes?

and you then connect another usb device to access virtual distros or is the the same device that wheezy is on?

5) when you start should do that as a local user....not as root

you did know that?

so change your usb device.....what ever that is.....for the folder you keep vms to be local user pls

good luck

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