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mssql dba 09-28-2004 05:16 PM

whats in the software kit
SuSe seems to be the recommended Linux version for newbies like me. I logged on they're site and I can get a version for 35$.

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 Software Media Kit for X86, AMD64, Intel EM64T, Itanium Processor Family, IBM POWER, IBM zSeries and IBM S/390 Strong Encryption (128+ bit) EGPFISKSCJ $35

X86 and AMD64 and Intel EM64T

Anyone know whats in the kit?

rakriege 09-28-2004 05:52 PM

this package is for Intel ITAIUM and AMD 64, Both are 64 bit Prossesors, more than likely your running a 32 bit Prossesor. It will also include various tools needed for sever instalations.

dsegel 09-28-2004 06:02 PM

Other than the CDs that you could download for free, the retail kits usually include a reference guide, maybe an admin guide, and sometimes include free tech support.

The software itself is the same as what you would download.

mssql dba 09-28-2004 06:03 PM

Wheres the free stuff?:confused: :newbie:

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