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spinksc 05-02-2008 04:20 PM

what linux driver do i need in order to get internet using a WiFi-AP Solo solution
Hello everyone, I have a WiFi - Ap solo antenna that came with my M2N32-SLI Asus motherboard. I followed the directions of installing it, to the point where I click on the linux drivers folder. I need a linux driver that will allow me to install the WiFi. Am I approaching this correctly... what are some suggestions for the right linux driver for this antenna? I am using Fedora 7 if that makes a difference ..

{BBI}Nexus{BBI} 05-02-2008 04:52 PM

Here are the instructions:


< Installation >
Runing the scripts can finish all operations of building up modules
from the source code and start the nic.
1. Build up the drivers from the source code

2. load the driver module to kernel and start up nic
You will find these instructions in the ReadMe.txt file.

First you need to right-click on the file and choose extract here from the menu.

This will create 4 folders.

Go into the WiFi folder then into the linux26x-8187(110) folder.

You will see this zipfile: rtl8187_linux_26.1010.0622.2006.tar.gz.

To make things simpler, right-click the zipfile and choose copy, now right-click your /home/username folder and select paste.

Go to where you just pasted this file, right-click it and again select extract here.

You should now see a folder named rtl8187_linux_26.1010.0622.2006.

Start a terminal or console session. Type: cd rtl8187_linux_26.1010.0622.2006 and press return or enter. Once in this folder, you perform the commands above to make and load your driver.

newtovanilla 05-02-2008 07:28 PM

I have been trying to get my 802.11 PCI card to work with Linux and the acx module. I have not been able to figure that out yet. I did get it to work with the W$ndows drivers from the cd for the card. Someone helped me to do that by telling me to use "ndiswrapper". OpenSuse has a web on the use of ndiswrapper with a W$ndows driver cd. You need to use the INF file.

{BBI}Nexus{BBI} 05-02-2008 08:03 PM

To use the inf, use the option to add a new wireless network card. If the driver doesn't already exist on your system, the ndiswrapper interface should appear and offer you the option of using it to install a driver. Point it to the XP/WINXP folder (which should be there if you have extracted the file), and it should take care of the rest.

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