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rvijay 09-01-2003 05:01 PM

What is the best Place for Linux CD's by Mail ?
Here is my choice:

Please share your choice or any others that you are aware off. Thanks.

Vijay :newbie:

michael_mead 09-01-2003 05:04 PM

I am in the UK and I get mine from, or

RolledOat 09-01-2003 06:08 PM


rvijay 09-01-2003 06:53 PM

Here is a comparison as to why Almost Free Linux is better:

I actually went to each of these sites listed above and did a comparison. The claim seems to be true from what I saw. Also please share any special helpful service that your Linux CD provider offers. Hopfully, the info. discussed here will benefit a few people. Any other related info. also welcome.


itsjustme 09-01-2003 07:05 PM

rvijay 09-01-2003 07:10 PM

I didn't see the comments section at the site above. That was very impressive indeed. Thanks for sharing.


fancypiper 09-01-2003 07:11 PM

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