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The_spacekadet 03-01-2008 05:01 AM

what is the best linux distro for high end 3d graphics?
yeah i'm a :newbie: so sue me.. lol
i'm running slackware 12 right now, but i havent quite got the hang of it yet, and i'm just wondering before i go through all the trouble of learning this distro's intricacies;

which one is really the best for high end 3d graphics/animation and high resolution 2d digital art?

and which one is the most whine or whatever compatable so that i can still run my mmorpg's like perfect world for when i finally give up my windows dependancy?

and if slack12 is it then what are the best tweaks to do for this need? (havent been able to get to load for the past couplea days so i'm askin here)

oh yeah and does grub support repetitive unloading and reloading of windows and linux distro's without having to be reinstalled every time like lilo?:study: mainly asking about the windows part cause i'm pretty sure it does for linux distro's...

anywho and general advice would be nice:D

aus9 03-01-2008 08:31 AM

grub first

if you put grub into your mbr and have kept /boot from a distro....say Mandriva....when you try out other edit just one little file on Mandriva called

you can set it up in advance to chainload a yet to be installed linux eg

title boot partition 20
root (hd0,19)
chainloader +1


most main distros can handle high end graphics....but 3d acceleration is best left to the ATI or Nvidia drivers and I use Nvidia's from their site

but you still need great video I do not


wine is the name of the app you are thinking of, there is also Cedega


There are other things as well like
vmware, virtualbox etc.

H_TeXMeX_H 03-01-2008 12:05 PM

Just to correct a few misconceptions:
Learning Slackware is not so much about learning distro intricacies like the usual distro, it's much more about learning Linux, because there really aren't many 'intricacies', you'll find a lot more 'intricacies' in other distros.

Any Linux distro is just as good as any other when you ask what software can be installed on it. Well, you can install any Linux software on any Linux system running any Linux distro, as long as it's running a fairly recent kernel (2.4.x or 2.6.x).

You can get wine here, and other slackbuilds, I think it's the best way to install software on Slackware:
note that you'll also need the fontforge slackbuild.

I'll have you know that the slackbook site is back up. You can also look here for more links:

Try blender for 3d graphics and GIMP or inkscape for 2D graphics. If not, search for more:

The_spacekadet 03-09-2008 10:42 AM

ah i think my main problem was that i didnt get the whole concept behind the window managers and the desktop environments..

kept trying to load a bunch of applications i didnt realize were for gnome in kde... LOL loads of fun easter egg hunting for individual libraries to try to make them work instead of just going to a gnome site

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