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lramos85 02-12-2004 06:24 PM

What groups should you have?
I'm wondering what groups should I be a a member of for my user? There are a ton of groups and I don't even know what alot of them do? can anyone help me?

SciYro 02-12-2004 06:40 PM

in realyity u only need 1 group , group 0 (it should be refered to as this instead of root cuse some people like to rename there 0 user/group), however some poorly writen install scripts require root group, and tty group and theres like 1000 stadard groups, this is a pain if ya want to have users part of groups cuse i dont htink most distros write down what every group does, just look for a group names anyithng like "regualr" or " standard" , if all else fails then pick "root" itll giv ya near god like acess on your system (if the system was poorly made)

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