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Tommie Styles 10-14-2014 05:12 PM

What exactly is Disk 2 for CentOS 6.5 for?
Hi guys,

I am pretty brand spanking new to the Linux OS, and I'm trying to understand and have a good foundation to using this OS for occupational reasons. anyways...

Some of my components are not working properly on my cpu, most annoyingly my wireless card. (Treadnet TEW-641PC_643PI). But I'll save that question for another post.

My question is what exactly is the 2nd disc for the CentOS 6.5 for? I'm missing basic stuff like tree and terminator, nor update my yum packages or install any yum packages. I need to know if it is either a problem with me having zero internet access, or is there something I need to download from the 2nd install disk, which is pretty much collecting dust right now?

suicidaleggroll 10-14-2014 05:26 PM

It's just extra, less-used packages. Everything you need can be grabbed through yum anyway, so your first priority should be to get your internet connection going and then use yum to update and install any packages you deem necessary.

That said, CentOS is a slow release, high stability, low compatibility server-based distro. It's not built for use on laptops, netbooks, etc., and you will probably be fighting compatibility and driver issues for some time if you try to use it on one. That's not to say that it can't be used in that application, that's just not what it's built for.

Tommie Styles 10-14-2014 05:40 PM

WOW! Thank you for the quick and easy to understand answer :-) I'm running CentOS on a AMD Phantom3+ 1040, Gigabyte AMD890 class board desktop. This card is a Trendnet, and not much documentation is up (at least for a brand-newbie) to comprehend what is going on. I'm still trying to find files in command line....hahaha

suicidaleggroll 10-14-2014 05:47 PM

I [mistakenly] assumed that Treadnet was a wireless card built into the machine, I see now that the 643PI is a PCI add-on card for a desktop, my bad.

That said, it looks like getting it running is not going to be very straight forward. I recommend a new thread for that question (as you indicated you were going to do), but in the mean time it looks like the Windows driver with ndiswrapper might be your best approach.

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