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alice_neo 02-11-2007 01:35 AM

What does wine actually do?
I hv installed it but don'y know how to use it . Plz help

Nylex 02-11-2007 02:29 AM

It lets you run Windows programs under Linux. You should try reading the documentation.

vladakg85 02-11-2007 05:46 AM

4 example I use wine for only only two programs from win:
where is it
& PowerPoint (need to read presentation)
Using is simple, go to directory where wine installs c drive, copy 4example whereisit and type <wine setup.exe> instalation starts like in win, next time go to install dir and type <wine whereisit.exe> whoala :) (without "<>")
You can run and games start craft wow worcraft tft counter diablo...(here cdega is better)
But I have one more question:
I;am looged in x like user, but use console for all works like root, I installed wine.tgz(slackware) and instalation starts don't asking me anything like "where to put c drive" it automaticly stored in /root/.wine
How to change this, I want wine drive in my home dir?

AwesomeMachine 02-11-2007 06:32 AM

Wine actually isn't very good. If you want to run windows programs in linux, Vmware Workstation works much better, and it's more fun. But, if you use Vmware Workstation, buy it from Vmware, or some other legitimate dealer, don't download it with edonkey. Vmware rocks, and it is by far worth the money. Any time you want to try a new linux distro, you can make a virtual machine so you don't have to get rid of your previous distro that you use in order to try another one. You make a Windows virtual machine, and install all the software you want. Every time you need something Windows, you just launch the virtual machine, and everything runs just like Windows because it is Windows.

pixellany 02-11-2007 08:00 AM


Originally Posted by alice_neo
I hv installed it but don'y know how to use it . Plz help

WINE attempts to re-create the Windows API in Linux. They like to say that it is not an emulator, but I think that is splitting hairs.

Once WINE is installed, anything that is going to work works just the way it does on Windows---ie you can just double-click on an .exe file and it runs.

In a terminal, just type "wine <filename.exe>" to run something.

You might also want to look into CrossOver Office. This is a commercial port of wine that includes tweaks to guarantee that certain apps will work. Curiously, some things will work in WINE or CrossOver that do not work in the other.

SciYro 02-11-2007 08:04 AM

AwesomeMachine: yea.... thats like tossing your bread in the sun, when a toaster works just fine.

Vmware is a bit much, especially if a program you want to run actually works in wine, pluses, no extra baggage associated with running multiple OS's, plus, no need to pay for something thats essentially worthless to any home user.

Using wine is simple, as already said, its simple:

wine path/to/windows/executable.exe
where path/to/windows/executable.exe is the windows .exe to run. It requires a bit of work it initially setup, and some programs might seem buggy (and every program will be very ugly, this is a windows look-alike after all, not some GTK or QT work of art). Use

to setup wine, the hardest part is the drives, like windows, these dialogs arnt very intuitive, so expect a bit of pain, but once you have the drives all setup properly, everything else is fairly easy... assuming the program works.

marietechie 02-11-2007 11:33 AM

You can install xwine for a GUI if you don't want to run wine from the command line. I've gotten some programs to run quite well.

It humors me a little that wine looks a little like Win 3.1 (visually), but hey, it works.

Definitely try Wine before VMWare. See what works for you...

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