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willbee5517 10-26-2017 10:46 PM

What do i type in the path box, puppy linux

I am pretty adapt at Windoz, but no so with linux. I have a number of pcs running linux, but if i cant find what i need in the GUI, im stuck.

Anyhow, my question is, i think, very simple. Im installing Slacko Puppy Linux to an old laptop for my very young son. I know the puppy can run from the usb i have it on, but i want to install to hdd.

I almost get fine with partitioning and choosing where to install, but then it asks where are install files. The usb is mounted. Clicking on the CD option doesnt work (nor did i expect it too) but how do i (perhaps what do i type) in the path box.... i think its simple but hell if i know. :)

Watched you tube vids and searched far and wide, and i cant find it.

Any help is most appricated. Thanks.

rokytnji 10-27-2017 05:33 PM

See The usb icon on the desktop. Mount it 1st. Then run the installer. When it asks for where is the files? The usb files will show up in the window pane then.

Mike_Walsh 10-28-2017 04:32 PM

^^^ +1.

Second that, Roky.

Yes, if you mount the icon representing your USB drive, the drive should then show up as an path option in the installer.

I'm not at all certain about other distros, but I know for a fact that Puppy does not mount partitions by default.....unlike a certain product from Redmond.

I think this is standard practice across the board in Linux; it's another wee security check, in a manner of speaking. Keeps things a bit safer all round.

Puppy is actually a very good choice for those migrating from Windows, as it has a smorgasbord of Wizards and Help items.....all in GUI format. It's just the initial installation that's perceived by many as a bit odd, since Puppy has a rather unique method of operation..!

Mike. ;)

willbee5517 11-04-2017 05:24 PM

Thank you gentlemen

rokytnji 11-05-2017 04:17 PM


I'm not at all certain about other distros,
Just for info. Being myself a team member, bug finder, tester for AntiX. Plus I used to be a MacPup team member till runt21 life needed some room with kids on the way. So MacPup was dropped and never picked up.

Here is a MacPup screeny of one of my old installs.

Anyways. What I am getting at. On my P3 IBM T23 laptop. I've been testing Antix 17 full iso, which does not fit a cd . So I use a 2 gig sand disk cruzer usb instead. The IBM T23 has no usb boot support in the bios. So I make a PLOP 5 cd and use it to boot the AntiX live USB.

Antix has no need to mount the usb files by the installer after that. I have a fondness for Puppy myself. That seems just to be a puppy installer quirk I still remember from the old days.

Here is another example of one of my older Puppy Linux installs.
And another.

I used to be quite active at Murga. Till I got turned off by certain members there.
Life is short and is wasted on maintaining drama. Something I was seeing a lot of
at Murga before I signed out from there. My posts I left them be. Not like some others
that left.

I don't just leave linux forums. So you don't get the wrong idea. I closed out a account at a biker/motorcycle forum
for the same reasons I stated above.

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