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Nexxt 01-06-2007 04:52 AM

What distro recommened to escape windows?
I am trying to escape windows! i have been using Ubuntu and Kubuntu Edgy, but still feel its similarity to windows.
What do people recommend for a linux noob to make the tranfer from windows into using terminal(i think it is called that, i mean using terminal to do everything without windows x). But i think that that would be a to sudden change and i need something for the transfer.
Thanks, Nexxt
(i understand this will be opinion but thats wat i want, someone that knows more than me's opinion)

Tortanick 01-06-2007 05:02 AM

Well any distro can be used as command line only, persoanlly I'd recomend debian etch, just don't select a desktop during the installer. You can find Etch RC1 at

If you ever want X windows (btw calling it windows x is wrong) you can allways apt get it but it is possible to do everything from the command line if you want, even surf the net with the lynx browser. The VLC video/music player dosn't need X.

Best of luck to you :) but I will say even top linux people do use the GUI, Linus Torvalds himself is a big fan of KDE

master 01-06-2007 05:06 AM

Ubuntu is very much Linux,if you want to get used to working in a terminal maybe you could start by starting your programmes at the command line rather than clicking on an icon.Maybe learn how to edit files using Vi,How do you propose to browse the web,without our friendly Konqueror it would not be very nice.Are you looking at doing something specific? Why dont you make a list of all the things you did in windows then try and find a programme that will do a similar job in Linux.I dont fancy your chances if you dont install a Desktop to start with.

jacook 01-06-2007 07:03 AM

If you want to get "down & dirty" with Linux then I suggest Slackware

Jake :twocents:

Junior Hacker 01-06-2007 08:36 AM

When you go to and click on "Distributions" in the next web page you will be asked to select the language, platform, and general style of distro. to select from the vast array of Linux distributions.
Go for "Red Hat based" distributions. My personal favorite is Mandriva for a good balance between sophisticated Linux/Unix features, and Windows "no brain required" features. Red Hat is the best all-around substitute with powerful extras, but their ENTERPRISE system is not free, the free version of Red Hat is Fedora Core, which is indeed also somewhat powerful but not so user friendly towards the average home computer user. Mandriva in my opinion is a little more friendly to the not so computer savvy mind.
If you are not an average or above average computer user...I here SUSE is a lot more plug & play, that is, if you want the "no brain required" type of operating system. May as well just stay with Windows because all you will gain is "something to do with allot of spare time", if that's what you got. But if you want to do more, if you're bored with what Windows has to offer, your next step should be Mandriva or SUSE, Debian is supper solid and secure "superior as a server", but not so "no brain Windows type".

You know your brain's limits and capabilities better than anybody who responds to this thread, hopefully I helped you make an appropriate selection, it don't matter what my personal favorite is or anybody else's favorite, hopefully my outlook will assist you in picking the one that suits your needs/capabilities.

Pardon my bluntness, I've played with many versions from both sides. In all my years....the only time I truly missed an operating system is when my Mandrake would freeze because Fedora Core 6-64 bit system would only go on-line with a Lucent Tech. modem
I have a multiboot system with just about every opperating system under the sun.

master 01-06-2007 09:10 AM

Junior Hacker
'I here SUSE is a lot more plug & play, that is, if you want the "no brain required" type of operating system.'
If to give your opinion means to slag off a big community of suse fans then you should keep it to yourself.

Avinevo 01-06-2007 09:26 AM

I don't think there is any need to change your current OS. You can use Synaptic and download browsers like Elinks, and such other tools that run in terminal.

Whenever you don't like X Windows, just press Ctrl + Alt + F1 and you are completely in command line. Whenever you want to use X Windows, just press Ctrl + Alt + F7 and you are back in an eye candy environment.

Ubuntu is pretty complex IF you want to make it that way. You don't need to switch your OS just because you don't like X Windows or wanna try something different. And the nice thing about Ubuntu is that its user base is growing rapidly. Who won't like to stay with a software that has the biggest user base? ;) If you don't, you are an exception!

Still, if you want to try different OS, I'll recommend Gentoo.

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