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i_is_cat 04-19-2003 02:06 AM

weird error messages
hi i keep getting weird error messages after a few days of using redhat 7.2 with no flaws
but then all of a sudden i try to open a program like mozilla or x cd roast and i get the messages
the error messages are


The desktop entry file /home/i_is_cat/kde/share/applnk/Internet/mozilla.desktop
has no type=... entry

and the other one was


KLauncher could not be reached via DCOP

please someone help me i tried alt+ctrl+F1 to see if it would let me go in there and it said something like OOPS too many files open

i need help fixing this problem please keep in mind i'm a noob and don't understand super complicated directions and also when this problem occurs i cannot open ANYTHING not konsole mozilla xchat games.. nothing... thanks

i_is_cat 04-19-2003 02:14 AM

also i just noticed since i rebooted after having that problem when i am on xchat the alias list seems to be gone as well as the userlist popups i realize this is an xchat problem not linux per se but i'm a noob and maybe its related??? please help

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