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Rutnut 12-20-2000 04:54 AM


Thanks for all the advice, I was using Red hat 6.0 and now I have upgraded to Red hat 7 which is much easier to use, I have nearly got everything working except two things :

1. I can play Wav files after configuring the snconf file but when I come to play music Cd's it plays but no sound any reasons why ?

2. I have tried everything to configure Netscape but no look, the same settings i have used as in Windows but it says it can't find the server, my modem dials ok and connects to the line but no browser, so it seems I still have to use windows to log onto the Internet.
Why is it still looking for my server ?

You help in the past have helped truly, thanks again.

athon_solo 12-20-2000 06:01 AM

Check ur leads
Have you checked the audio lead from ur CD cdrive to ur sound card?
Also check that the CD isnt muted on the [software] volume controls.
Athon Solo

CragStar 12-20-2000 08:45 AM

It appears that you have not set up the DNS correctly before you dial up to the interent. Have you properly configured the file /etc/resolv.conf ? You may need the following information from your ISP. Name server and IP number(s). Mine are,, These are individual for each ISP so you may need to contact them, and then put it in either the dial up program or the file /etc/resolv.conf (or both!)

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