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Linz 12-18-2003 05:29 PM

Want to log into Root on Mandrake 9.1/KDE 3.1

I'm using Mandrake 9.1 (KDE 3.1) and i want to modify a file (xineted.conf) to allow me to use a program called Hotwayd. I cant do this because i don't have root permission (this is on my own private PC) and i cant use Chmod because i don't have permission, is there any chance i can log out of my user and log back in again as root allowing me to modify the files and permission.



caid 12-18-2003 05:32 PM

you can type


at the command line, enter the root password, then start up your text editor from there.

fancypiper 12-18-2003 05:37 PM

You can (and should) stay in your user account and use an x terminal (or one of your virtual terminals if in command line) for root access.

For full root power, open an x terminal and command su -, give root's password and be careful, what is typed in that terminal gets done as long as enough system is left to carry out the command. Make sure that you absolutely want what you typed to happen before hitting that enter key.

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FF103 12-19-2003 06:40 PM

In Mandrake 9.1 ,go to your start menu, go to applications and then to file tools,there you should see "File Manager-super user mode" ,click on that and enter root password. then you can open any file you want and change or configure it. BUT be very very careful.

bigjohn 12-19-2003 08:58 PM

Sounds to me that after the mandrake install Linz has still got root as a "hidden user" which was the default mode with 9.1

The way to correct to actually get access to a root account properly under a gui, is, presuming that kde is the gui,

Kmenu (as in the bottom left)>control centre (the kde one, NOT the mandrake one)>system>login manager then on the users tab, then click the "administrator mode" button at the bottom (at which point you will need to enter the root password), then just uncheck root (the only "user" still checked, will probably be "nobody").

You just reboot/login as a different user from there, and you have a gui root account showing at login (Oh and after unchecking root, but before reboot/login as a different user, you can also change the root icon by clicking on it and checking the available ones if you want).

All the other advice posted remains equally valid, and only use your root account if/when you have to, then "git the hell outa dodge"! (but yes, I still prefer doing stuff via gui, at least you can follow what the hell you're doing, rather than typing in a lot of "mumbo jumbo" and hope that it's correct).



FF103 12-20-2003 10:11 AM

Well put bigjohn, I did'nt consider trying to boot him into gui for root. From the sound of his post it seemed he just wanted to alter some config files and the file manager seemed like the simplest route. Also good advice about getting out of Dodge.

Linz 12-20-2003 05:35 PM

Thanks Guys

Thanks all of you for you help, i think i have cracked it now and i i will be able to install this program. I used 'bigjohns' reply - i find it easier to use the gui and im not to hot on the old command stuff :-) .


bigjohn 12-23-2003 11:40 AM

Da Nada

To be honest, I have spent the last 2 years or so trying to get used to having a "go" at CLI, but I suffer rather badly from an overdose of "Windositis" and hence far prefer doing stuff via GUI.

Yes Yes, before you all pounce and roast me for it, I fully understand the reasoning behind phrases like "the power of CLI, but I just can't get into the habit.

In desperation, I'm currently learning how to install and set up gentoo - and while I've got it installed, it's proving to be a total f****r to set up to the standard that mandrake does automatically.

Good luck, and of course the "greetings of the season" to one and all.



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