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harsha_vardhan 02-13-2004 04:52 PM

vsftpd usage
Hi ,

I was getting myself accustomed to vsftpd , but was unable to figure this out ....

how do i share a particular directory"harsha" without actually copying it to /var/ftp

i tried using
mount harsha /var/ftp --bind
but this seems to erase the files which are already present in /var/ftp

so i want this directory "harsha" to be on my ftp server, without actually moving it to /var/ftp , in the process , keep the files which are already present in /var/ftp

any suggestions :Pengy:

lil_slice 02-23-2004 10:39 PM

You could just make a subdirectory, ie /var/ftp/harsha and mount it there.

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