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earthling 07-23-2003 07:16 AM

vncserver display connection
I recently installed red hat 9 (prev was 7.3) I noticed some nice
configuartion tools (red-hat-config-network), however I use a vncserver and have no display connected to my display. Lots of these tools do not start, and when I try to start them from an xterm it says CONNECTION REFUSED .. on display and then gives the port number of the ip connection. Evolution...everything works, but it's rather annoying that some programs do not start in vnc.

(red-hat-config-network seems to work, but red-hat-config-users does not!)

Is there a solution / work around for this problem?

earthling 07-23-2003 07:27 AM

Some more information : I mean there is no display to the pc attached, and the system boots up in text mode. (so no xserver open for normal display)

slackmagic 08-10-2003 10:14 PM

hi there,

I'm glad you're also running RH 9.0 because I'm doing the same thing and I'm able to use VNC without any problems.

Now I've got a couple of questions. Is this server not "good" enough to be run with runlevel 5 ? (graphical startup).

I don't know how to help u if the system boots up to runlvl 3 and wouldn't now how to work things out with VNC, but let me tell you what I'm doing here.

I'm having 2 systems.

System 1 has dual boot of RH 9 (main O/S) with win2k
System 2 has WinXP

I'm having fluxbox running through RH whereas my gf (another username of course) uses GNOME.

Now the best part is that VNC is already implemented in RH 9.0.

All I have to do is very simple, I just basically start up vncserver (with any other options that you might like) and the second system (windows system) is able to connect to my linux in x windows (GNOME).

My gf is using the Windows XP system and connecting to her "GNOME" through vnc and so to speak uses both O/S at once while I can work on my Fluxbox/RH 9.0 without disturbing her or without being disturbed.

I think you shouldn't have any problems doing the same thing but I just wouldn't know how thngs work out if your system does not boot up in runlvl 5. You might have to configure your vnc configs in order to get it to start up x windows or something..I don't know

Anyhow, let me know how u want to connect to your system - whether it's second comp with windows connecting to your linux system or whether u're having 2 systems, both with linux and one without display.

Maybe I can help hehe

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