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russtproof 07-12-2003 08:42 PM

VMware Partition
Currently I am using VMware Workstation 4.0 to install a guest OS, Redhat Linux 9. I managed to reach the point regarding the automatic partitioning of the disk. The problem I get is to do with a warning that pops up.

"The partition table on device sda was unreadable. To create new partitions it must be initialized, causing the loss of ALL DATA on this drive.

This operation will override any previous installation choices about which drives to ignore.

Would you like to initialize this drive, erasing ALL DATA? No..Yes "

I just want to clarify, because I have previously read on the net that this is just the virtual system creating a partition, so if I'm correct, if I agree to continue with the installation it should install Linux into the folder that was allocated to it?

I am not too clear with what the situation is, but I have a gut feeling that by clicking continue, nothing major should happen as this problem should be solved since I am only virtually using the OS. Just want to check with someone with the experience in case I'm doing this all wrong.


MasterC 07-26-2003 04:37 AM

Hey Russ!

I'm going to toss out the guess of "Yeah, you'll be ok". However I'd back everything up just to be sure. Being sda1 you likely don't have scsi drives in your desktop (assuming you are a home user) so right off the bat special device (sd) is telling me it's not partitioning your HD. Second, I can't imaging you being the first person to have this, and I'm sure it'd be a huge issue that would be immediately resolved it did indeed mess with your existing partitions. Furthermore, it's a guest OS, there should be no actual change to anything, that's what VMWare is all about.

Lastly, if you are truly concerned (and are still waiting ;) ):
1. backup your data first OR
2. Toss an email at VMware and ask em. I'm sure they'll be happy to provide some answers/insight on this and more.


talonnb 07-26-2003 11:04 AM

Actually I Just did the same thing with Red hat 8 on my system. I made a partion for it but still it maintained the original file system when it said it would intialize it. I wouldn't worry to much about the Red Hat erasing your drive, it just creates a partition for itself inside that folder you specified

russtproof 07-26-2003 01:49 PM

Sorry I didn't reply. Well, although I put up a post on the forum, I went ahead with the installation and decided to take a chance.

After it asked whether I wanted to format the computer, I said yes. VMWare Workstation stores each virtual system as a file in a folder, and so the OS handled the drive as just that file in the folder. No problems!

Thanks guys for your responses!


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