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matttail 08-30-2004 09:21 AM

virtual hosts and excuting CGI
I basically new to Linux. Running Red Hat 9, on a laptop.
What I want to accomplish in the end is having a littel server inside my laptop. I do a lot of website design and work with Movable type, and I like like to edit and test the stuff on my computer with out up-loading to a remote server.

I know that I have apache insatlled and runnign, the httpd, and some databases launching during boot. I've also put some files under var/html/www/ so that I can access my site at http : // localhost/ but when I try and run a cgi script such as mt.cgi I just get the text file read-out. I don't want to actually set up my system as a sever that others on the internet can access, it's just for me on the computer runnign redhat. So, if someone could point me in the right direction for what I need to do next, and maybe some documentation? that would be really great.

Thanks so much you'all

hw-tph 08-30-2004 09:33 AM

You need to specify "ExecCGI" as an option in the <Directory> entries where you want to be able to execute CGI programs. The documentation at the Apache website is very helpful. You can also Google for example configurations.

In addition to this, the CGI programs must of course be executable by the user that Apache runs as.


matttail 08-30-2004 10:04 AM

I have the execCGI set for the directory that it's in. The files belong to root, which is what I am log in as in X
I have also restarted the httpd service to make sure chnages have taken effect... no change Any ideas?

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