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Anup Kumar 02-25-2004 12:10 PM

Viewing Installed software Files..
I want to view all the installed software files but "pkgtool" and "setup"
is not working. I'm working on Red Hat 7.2.
Please help me.
My id is

Tinkster 02-25-2004 12:24 PM

rpm -qa


Redeye2 02-25-2004 02:26 PM

Although what tinkster stated is correct, that will just produce a bunch of names in almost no time to read.
You can type:
rpm -qa | grep «string» = looks for the string you specify (without «») within the installed packages. For examples: rpm -qa | grep libstdc++ , lists any installed package that contains the string libstdc++ .
rpm -qa | more = lists all the files but pauses each time your screen is filled. By pressing enter you advace one line, space bar you advance one page and by pressing q you quit at any time.
BTW, using the | is called piping. It's sending the output from one program (in this case rpm -qa) to another one that filters it. There are a lot of combinations as you might suppose.
Hope that helps :D

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