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Rutnut 12-15-2000 07:01 AM

I am using redhat 6 but I want to configure my resolution just like my Windows system, on Win I have my video settings set at High colour 16 bit running 1024 X 768, I want to same settings on Linus but when I activate the XF86Setup and I choose what I want and click done, and save, nothing just the same very big Icons and menu system even after rebooting, how can I get the same as my Windows settings is there no-way of doing via the GUI like Windows ?

Help Please

ssadams 12-15-2000 08:11 PM

It depends on your vid card and if Linux can support it at high res.What card do you have?

SnoozeButton 12-19-2000 05:21 PM

i dunno bout redhat 6, but Linux-Mandrake 7.2 has GUI settings for your screen resolution and color depth, that is of course if its a supported video card

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