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sivo 09-03-2003 01:37 AM

vesafb and TV-Out (nVIDIA), console maligned on CRT
Hi, at the moment I'm running the Linux 2.4.20 kernel with Slackware 9.0, and the vesafb framebuffer driver.

When I plug my TV into the TV-Out on my GF4 Ti4200 (ViVo) and boot the computer the framebuffer console is misaligned on my CRT (it's almost 1 character off the left edge of the display), but it's properly aligned on my TV.

I've tried using fbset -move right to bring it across, but it has no effect, even if I play with the arguments and use -fb /dev/fb0, -a, etc

Also, with the TV plugged in, X-windows crashes on exit. I'm not overly worried about this yet though, because I haven't set up X-windows to use the TV, so that might be the problem there. Just thought I'd mention it, just in case.

When I tried Debian Woody before, with the 2.2.x kernel and vgafb, the framebuffer worked properly on the CRT and was just a big mess on the TV (this was acceptable, if I need to pick one I don't mind having just CRT for console, although I want both to work in X-windows)

Can anyone offer any suggestions, or alternatively, is there maybe a way to disable the TV-Out for the console alone, but I can still set-up X-windows to use it?

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