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Old 07-13-2004, 11:13 PM   #1
Registered: Jul 2004
Location: FL
Distribution: Slackware
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Very strange AC97 SuSE 9.1 Kernal 2.6

This is real weird... my sound was working fine with the 2.6 kernel and SuSE 9.1 for about a week. After a recent online update that patched some stuff in the kernel it stopped working all of a sudden.

Heres what I've tried...

alsaconf - detects my card, and sets up the modprobe file and says its going to play a sound I should hear... (I don't hear it) and exits without errors...

I've reinstalled all the patches again off the online update...

I've reinstalled my ALSA packages/rpms...

I have played with all my settings in YaST2

I checked out alsamixer to make sure sound was not muted.

I don't get any errors when loading the ALSA subsystem.

I do not get sound off of anything (its not just KDE/X being messed up.)

modprobe -c | grep snd shows the following:
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_get_single snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_trident_clear_voices snd_trident
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_out snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_emux_terminate_all snd_emux_synth
alias symbol:snd_akm4xxx_init snd_ak4xxx_adda
alias symbol:snd_ctl_new snd
alias symbol:snd_power_wait snd
alias symbol:snd_gus_dram_read snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_gf1_write_addr snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_param_value_max snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_gf1_atten_table snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_vx_resume snd_vx_lib
alias symbol:snd_seq_iwffff_init snd_ainstr_iw
alias symbol:snd_card_free snd
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_outm snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_hidden_vfree snd
alias symbol:snd_info_unregister snd
alias symbol:snd_i2c_device_free snd_i2c
alias symbol:snd_vx_hwdep_new snd_vx_lib
alias symbol:snd_seq_device_unregister_driver snd_seq_device
alias symbol:snd_gf1_translate_freq snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_drain_output snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_ac97_pcm_open snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ctl_unregister_ioctl snd
alias symbol:snd_timer_global_new snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_ctl_add snd
alias symbol:snd_emu8000_load_chorus_fx snd_sbawe
alias symbol:snd_cs8427_reg_write snd_cs8427
alias symbol:snd_pcm_format_unsigned snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_device_new snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_constraint_list snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_virmidi_receive snd_seq_virmidi
alias symbol:snd_ad1848_mce_down snd_ad1848_lib
alias symbol:snd_cs8427_create snd_cs8427
alias symbol:snd_ac97_pcm_assign snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_util_mem_alloc snd_util_mem
alias symbol:snd_info_get_str snd
alias symbol:snd_hidden_kmalloc snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_constraint_msbits snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_midi_event_reset_encode snd_seq_midi_event
alias symbol:snd_opl4_read snd_opl4_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_format_size snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_opl4_create snd_opl4_lib
alias symbol:snd_opl3_create snd_opl3_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_playback_ready snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_seq_kernel_client_dispatch snd_seq
alias symbol:snd_emu10k1_voice_alloc snd_emu10k1
alias symbol:snd_cs8427_reg_read snd_cs8427
alias symbol:snd_gf1_pcm_new snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_emu8000_update_chorus_mode snd_sbawe
alias symbol:snd_pcm_open_substream snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_device_free snd
alias symbol:snd_ac97_update snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_constraints_complete snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_period_elapsed snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_emu10k1_synth_copy_from_user snd_emu10k1
alias symbol:snd_ak4117_build snd_ak4117
alias symbol:snd_seq_simple_id snd_ainstr_simple
alias symbol:snd_vx_delay snd_vx_lib
alias symbol:snd_timer_interrupt snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_ad1848_create snd_ad1848_lib
alias symbol:snd_wrapper_kmalloc snd
alias symbol:snd_wrapper_vmalloc snd
alias symbol:snd_malloc_pages_fallback snd_page_alloc
alias symbol:snd_ac97_resume snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_param_first snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_new snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_tea6330t_detect snd_tea6330t
alias symbol:snd_midi_channel_init snd_seq_midi_emul
alias symbol:snd_gf1_start snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_gf1_free_voice snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_opl3_timer_new snd_opl3_lib
alias symbol:snd_gf1_peek snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_vx_irq_handler snd_vx_lib
alias symbol:snd_trident_synth_bzero snd_trident
alias symbol:snd_timer_open snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_transmit_empty snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_mce_up snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_interval_muldivk snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_unregister_oss_device snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_ioctl snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_es1688_mixer_read snd_es1688_lib
alias symbol:snd_ad1848_pcm snd_ad1848_lib
alias symbol:snd_sbdsp_command snd_sb_common
alias symbol:snd_trident_stop_voice snd_trident
alias symbol:snd_component_add snd
alias symbol:snd_emu8000_init_fm snd_sbawe
alias symbol:snd_iprintf snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_new_stream snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_ac97_pcm_close snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_gus_initialize snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_timer_global_register snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_info_select snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_ac97_update_bits snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_hidden_vmalloc snd
alias symbol:snd_gf1_stop snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_ak4117_check_rate_and_errors snd_ak4117
alias symbol:snd_emu8000_update_equalizer snd_sbawe
alias symbol:snd_pcm_sgbuf_ops_page snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_seq_kernel_client_write_poll snd_seq
alias symbol:snd_gf1_mem_alloc snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_seq_device_new snd_seq_device
alias symbol:snd_seq_create_kernel_client snd_seq
alias symbol:snd_midi_event_init snd_seq_midi_event
alias symbol:snd_i2c_readbytes snd_i2c
alias symbol:snd_midi_event_decode snd_seq_midi_event
alias symbol:snd_ctl_notify snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_constraint_step snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_sbmixer_read snd_sb_common
alias symbol:snd_pcm_devices snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_timer snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_format_physical_width snd_pcm
alias symbol:__snd_util_memblk_new snd_util_mem
alias symbol:snd_timer_system_resolution snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_preallocate_pages_for_all snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_kernel_open snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_gf1_i_write8 snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_mixer_oss_ioctl_card snd_mixer_oss
alias symbol:snd_es1688_create snd_es1688_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_preallocate_free_for_all snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_unregister_device snd
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_mce_down snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_gus_use_inc snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_gus_use_dec snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_gf1_write8 snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_vx_create snd_vx_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_constraint_ratdens snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_capture_ready snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_gf1_new_mixer snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_emu8000_poke snd_sbawe
alias symbol:snd_cs8427_iec958_pcm snd_cs8427
alias symbol:snd_card_new snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_readv snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_ac97_set_rate snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_verbose_printk snd
alias symbol:snd_verbose_printd snd
alias symbol:snd_emu8000_peek snd_sbawe
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_constraints_init snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_timer_resolution snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_gf1_write16 snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_es1688_pcm snd_es1688_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_rule_add snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_card_file_remove snd
alias symbol:snd_free_pages snd_page_alloc
alias symbol:snd_interval_ratnum snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_ac97_read snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_emu8000_update_reverb_mode snd_sbawe
alias symbol:snd_malloc_pages snd_page_alloc
alias symbol:snd_i2c_bus_create snd_i2c
alias symbol:snd_hwdep_new snd_hwdep
alias symbol:snd_pcm_link_rwlock snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_set_ops snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_create snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_cs4236_create snd_cs4236_lib
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_put_double snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_timer_stop snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_sbdsp_get_byte snd_sb_common
alias symbol:snd_ak4117_reinit snd_ak4117
alias symbol:snd_midi_event_encode_byte snd_seq_midi_event
alias symbol:snd_emu10k1_ptr_read snd_emu10k1
alias symbol:snd_emux_lock_voice snd_emux_synth
alias symbol:_snd_pcm_hw_param_min snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_register_device snd
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_info snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_vx_check_reg_bit snd_vx_lib
alias symbol:snd_seq_instr_free_use snd_seq_instr
alias symbol:snd_card_pci_resume snd
alias symbol:snd_cards snd
alias symbol:snd_remove_proc_entry snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_format_signed snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_sf_linear_to_log snd_emux_synth
alias symbol:snd_emu10k1_synth_bzero snd_emu10k1
alias symbol:snd_gf1_mem_xfree snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_trident_synth_alloc snd_trident
alias symbol:snd_emu10k1_voice_free snd_emu10k1
alias symbol:snd_timer_start snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_gf1_delay snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_put_single snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_notify snd_pcm
alias symbol:_snd_pcm_hw_param_set snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_gf1_look8 snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_transmit_ack snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_gf1_alloc_voice snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_pcm snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_cs4236_pcm snd_cs4236_lib
alias symbol:snd_interval_div snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_util_mem_avail snd_util_mem
alias symbol:snd_midi_channel_alloc_set snd_seq_midi_emul
alias symbol:snd_seq_expand_var_event snd_seq
alias symbol:snd_akm4xxx_build_controls snd_ak4xxx_adda
alias symbol:snd_sbmixer_write snd_sb_common
alias symbol:snd_mpu401_uart_new snd_mpu401_uart
alias symbol:snd_midi_event_resize_buffer snd_seq_midi_event
alias symbol:snd_dma_program snd
alias symbol:snd_gf1_look16 snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_card_register snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_param_value_min snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_interval_mulkdiv snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_gf1_poke snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_release_substream snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_opl3_regmap snd_opl3_lib
alias symbol:snd_trident_alloc_voice snd_trident
alias symbol:snd_ctl_new1 snd
alias symbol:snd_device_free_all snd
alias symbol:snd_sbmixer_add_ctl snd_sb_common
alias symbol:snd_ad1848_mixer snd_ad1848_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_free_pages snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_card_disconnect snd
alias symbol:snd_midi_process_event snd_seq_midi_emul
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_drop_output snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_param_near snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_dma_free_pages snd_page_alloc
alias symbol:snd_ctl_remove_id snd
alias symbol:snd_seq_iwffff_id snd_ainstr_iw
alias symbol:snd_pcm_set_sync snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_gf1_stop_voice snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_info_create_card_entry snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_capture_poll snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_request_card snd
alias symbol:snd_ac97_suspend snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ad1848_add_ctl snd_ad1848_lib
alias symbol:snd_seq_kernel_client_ctl snd_seq
alias symbol:__snd_util_mem_free snd_util_mem
alias symbol:snd_es1688_mixer_write snd_es1688_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_format_set_silence snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_i2c_device_create snd_i2c
alias symbol:snd_pcm_format_little_endian snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_format_width snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_mixer_oss_notify_callback snd
alias symbol:snd_sb8dsp_midi snd_sb8_dsp
alias symbol:_snd_magic_kmalloc snd
alias symbol:_snd_magic_kcalloc snd
alias symbol:snd_gus_interrupt snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_cs8427_detect snd_cs8427
alias symbol:snd_seq_kernel_client_enqueue_blocking snd_seq
alias symbol:snd_util_memhdr_new snd_util_mem
alias symbol:snd_seq_root snd
alias symbol:snd_tea575x_init snd_tea575x_tuner
alias symbol:snd_tea575x_exit snd_tea575x_tuner
alias symbol:snd_akm4xxx_reset snd_ak4xxx_adda
alias symbol:snd_pcm_format_big_endian snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_gf1_dram_addr snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_ecards_limit snd
alias symbol:snd_midi_event_no_status snd_seq_midi_event
alias symbol:snd_ac97_write_cache snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_info_double snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_timer_global_unregister snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_new snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_ad1848_in snd_ad1848_lib
alias symbol:snd_vx_dsp_load snd_vx_lib
alias symbol:snd_register_oss_device snd
alias symbol:snd_dma_pointer snd
alias symbol:snd_info_get_line snd
alias symbol:snd_sb16dsp_pcm snd_sb16_dsp
alias symbol:snd_opl4_read_memory snd_opl4_lib
alias symbol:snd_kcalloc snd
alias symbol:snd_util_memhdr_free snd_util_mem
alias symbol:snd_pcm_capture_empty snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_midi_channel_set_clear snd_seq_midi_emul
alias symbol:snd_pcm_playback_data snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_es1688_mixer snd_es1688_lib
alias symbol:snd_seq_event_port_detach snd_seq
alias symbol:snd_ctl_remove snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_release snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_emu10k1_synth_alloc snd_emu10k1
alias symbol:snd_opl4_write snd_opl4_lib
alias symbol:snd_ad1848_interrupt snd_ad1848_lib
alias symbol:snd_create_proc_entry snd
alias symbol:snd_cards_count snd
alias symbol:snd_sb8dsp_pcm snd_sb8_dsp
alias symbol:snd_dma_alloc_pages_fallback snd_page_alloc
alias symbol:snd_gf1_mem_free snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_ctl_register_ioctl snd
alias symbol:snd_vxpocket_attach snd_vx_cs
alias symbol:snd_vxpocket_detach snd_vx_cs
alias symbol:snd_timer_new snd_timer
alias symbol:_snd_pcm_hw_param_setinteger snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_mpu401_uart_interrupt snd_mpu401_uart
alias symbol:snd_timer_notify snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_emux_free snd_emux_synth
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_transmit_peek snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_emu10k1_memblk_map snd_emu10k1
alias symbol:snd_gf1_mem_lock snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_midi_event_reset_decode snd_seq_midi_event
alias symbol:snd_card_proc_new snd
alias symbol:snd_gf1_rawmidi_new snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_task_name snd
alias symbol:snd_cs8427_iec958_active snd_cs8427
alias symbol:snd_emux_unlock_voice snd_emux_synth
alias symbol:snd_dma_get_reserved snd_page_alloc
alias symbol:snd_dma_set_reserved snd_page_alloc
alias symbol:snd_ctl_rename_id snd
alias symbol:snd_sb16dsp_interrupt snd_sb16_dsp
alias symbol:snd_sbmixer_new snd_sb_common
alias symbol:snd_pcm_suspend snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_card_set_pm_callback snd
alias symbol:snd_timer_continue snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_sb16dsp_configure snd_sb16_dsp
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_mixer snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_cs4236_mixer snd_cs4236_lib
alias symbol:snd_card_file_add snd
alias symbol:snd_midi_event_new snd_seq_midi_event
alias symbol:snd_info_create_module_entry snd
alias symbol:snd_trident_synth_free snd_trident
alias symbol:snd_opl3_hwdep_new snd_opl3_lib
alias symbol:snd_tea6330t_update_mixer snd_tea6330t
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_constraint_integer snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_cs4236_ext_in snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_dma_alloc_pages snd_page_alloc
alias symbol:snd_card_pci_suspend snd
alias symbol:snd_sb_csp_new snd_sb16_csp
alias symbol:snd_seq_event_port_attach snd_seq
alias symbol:snd_gf1_lvol_to_gvol_raw snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_kernel_write snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_ak4117_reg_write snd_ak4117
alias symbol:snd_pcm_kernel_capture_ioctl snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_ac97_mixer snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_seq_delete_kernel_client snd_seq
alias symbol:snd_emu8000_poke_dw snd_sbawe
alias symbol:snd_pcm_kernel_ioctl snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_info_free_entry snd
alias symbol:snd_ak4117_create snd_ak4117
alias symbol:snd_pcm_set_ops snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_i2c_sendbytes snd_i2c
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_malloc_pages snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_seq_instr_find snd_seq_instr
alias symbol:snd_emu8000_peek_dw snd_sbawe
alias symbol:snd_emu8000_dma_chan snd_sbawe
alias symbol:copy_from_user_toio snd
alias symbol:snd_trident_start_voice snd_trident
alias symbol:snd_ad1816a_pcm snd_ad1816a_lib
alias symbol:snd_sbdsp_reset snd_sb_common
alias symbol:snd_ad1816a_mixer snd_ad1816a_lib
alias symbol:snd_cs8427_iec958_build snd_cs8427
alias symbol:snd_timer_close snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_card_set_isa_pm_callback snd
alias symbol:snd_seq_instr_list_free snd_seq_instr
alias symbol:snd_gf1_i_look8 snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_util_mem_free snd_util_mem
alias symbol:snd_seq_simple_init snd_ainstr_simple
alias symbol:snd_es1688_interrupt snd_es1688_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_build_linear_format snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_preallocate_free snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_kernel_release snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_in snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_ad1848_dout snd_ad1848_lib
alias symbol:snd_ac97_bus snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ad1848_get_pcm_ops snd_ad1848_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_constraint_minmax snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_midi_event_free snd_seq_midi_event
alias symbol:snd_sb8dsp_midi_interrupt snd_sb8_dsp
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_constraint_ratnums snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_seq_fm_id snd_ainstr_fm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_param_mask snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_gus_dram_write snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_input_params snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_i2c_probeaddr snd_i2c
alias symbol:snd_sbdsp_create snd_sb_common
alias symbol:snd_virmidi_new snd_seq_virmidi
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_read snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_interrupt snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_format_silence_64 snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_dma_free_reserved snd_page_alloc
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_info_single snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:_snd_pcm_hw_param_setempty snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_vx_dsp_boot snd_vx_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_start snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_buffer_bytes snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_param_last snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_period_bytes snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_refine snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_seq_gf1_id snd_ainstr_gf1
alias symbol:snd_ac97_write snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_akm4xxx_write snd_ak4xxx_adda
alias symbol:snd_ice1712_akm4xxx_build_controls snd_ice17xx_ak4xxx
alias symbol:copy_to_user_fromio snd
alias symbol:snd_seq_fm_init snd_ainstr_fm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_param_set snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_ad1848_out snd_ad1848_lib
alias symbol:snd_seq_device_load_drivers snd_seq_device
alias symbol:snd_pcm_hw_constraint_pow2 snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_sb16dsp_get_pcm_ops snd_sb16_dsp
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_chip_id snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:__snd_util_mem_alloc snd_util_mem
alias symbol:snd_interval_ratden snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_midi_event_encode snd_seq_midi_event
alias symbol:snd_seq_instr_event snd_seq_instr
alias symbol:snd_pcm_limit_hw_rates snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_emu10k1_synth_free snd_emu10k1
alias symbol:snd_seq_gf1_init snd_ainstr_gf1
alias symbol:snd_dma_disable snd
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_drain_input snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_ak4117_external_rate snd_ak4117
alias symbol:snd_midi_channel_free_set snd_seq_midi_emul
alias symbol:snd_pcm_subformat_name snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_stop snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_emu8000_load_reverb_fx snd_sbawe
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_receive snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_seq_kernel_client_enqueue snd_seq
alias symbol:snd_kmalloc_strdup snd
alias symbol:snd_major snd
alias symbol:snd_interval_refine snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_ctl_find_numid snd
alias symbol:snd_gf1_i_look16 snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_kernel_read snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_emux_new snd_emux_synth
alias symbol:snd_ad1816a_create snd_ad1816a_lib
alias symbol:snd_seq_instr_list_free_cond snd_seq_instr
alias symbol:snd_info_register snd
alias symbol:_snd_pcm_hw_params_any snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_kernel_playback_ioctl snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_opl3_reset snd_opl3_lib
alias symbol:snd_pcm_mmap_data snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_vxpocket_ops snd_vx_cs
alias symbol:snd_ac97_tune_hardware snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_device_register snd
alias symbol:snd_ctl_find_id snd
alias symbol:snd_vxpocket_detach_all snd_vx_cs
alias symbol:snd_ice1712_akm4xxx_free snd_ice17xx_ak4xxx
alias symbol:snd_seq_device_register_driver snd_seq_device
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_transmit snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_pcm_open snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_interval_list snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_vx_load_boot_image snd_vx_lib
alias symbol:snd_trident_write_voice_regs snd_trident
alias symbol:snd_midi_channel_init_set snd_seq_midi_emul
alias symbol:snd_hidden_kfree snd
alias symbol:snd_ice1712_akm4xxx_init snd_ice17xx_ak4xxx
alias symbol:snd_pcm_format_linear snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_trident_synth_copy_from_user snd_trident
alias symbol:snd_cs8427_reset snd_cs8427
alias symbol:snd_seq_instr_list_new snd_seq_instr
alias symbol:snd_pcm_format_name snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_suspend_all snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_write snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_cs4236_ext_out snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_gf1_ctrl_stop snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_oss_info_register snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_playback_poll snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_rawmidi_output_params snd_rawmidi
alias symbol:snd_card_free_in_thread snd
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_preallocate_pages snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_gf1_i_write16 snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_ak4531_mixer snd_ak4531_codec
alias symbol:snd_cs4231_get_double snd_cs4231_lib
alias symbol:snd_wrapper_kfree snd
alias symbol:snd_wrapper_vfree snd
alias symbol:snd_timer_global_free snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_pcm_lib_writev snd_pcm
alias symbol:snd_sb8dsp_interrupt snd_sb8_dsp
alias symbol:snd_vx_suspend snd_vx_lib
alias symbol:snd_ad1848_mce_up snd_ad1848_lib
alias symbol:snd_opl3_interrupt snd_opl3_lib
alias symbol:snd_ctl_free_one snd
alias symbol:snd_magic_kfree snd
alias symbol:snd_emux_register snd_emux_synth
alias symbol:snd_seq_dump_var_event snd_seq
alias symbol:snd_opl4_write_memory snd_opl4_lib
alias symbol:snd_emu10k1_ptr_write snd_emu10k1
alias symbol:snd_use_lock_sync_helper snd_seq
alias symbol:snd_gus_create snd_gus_lib
alias symbol:snd_timer_pause snd_timer
alias symbol:snd_trident_free_voice snd_trident

and a modprobe -c | grep ac97 shows these
alias symbol:ac97_read_proc ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ac97_pcm_open snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_get_register ac97
alias symbol:snd_ac97_pcm_assign snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_register_driver ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ac97_update snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ac97_resume snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_set_dac_rate ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ac97_pcm_close snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ac97_update_bits snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_restore_state ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ac97_set_rate snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ac97_read snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_reset ac97
alias symbol:ac97_alloc_codec ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_set_adc_rate ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ac97_suspend snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ac97_write_cache snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_save_state ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_set_mixer ac97
alias symbol:ac97_init ac97
alias symbol:ac97_mixer_ioctl ac97
alias symbol:snd_ac97_mixer snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_probe_codec ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ac97_bus snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_set_values ac97
alias symbol:snd_ac97_write snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_unregister_driver ac97_codec
alias symbol:snd_ac97_tune_hardware snd_ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_get_mixer_scaled ac97
alias symbol:ac97_release_codec ac97_codec
alias symbol:ac97_put_register ac97

as far as I can tell all of my sound modules are properly installed and there might be some kinda weird bug in ALSA...

Any pointers on how else I might troubleshoot this would be great, or if anyone else has had a similar problem.

P.S. I have never had any problem with my AC97 audio on my VIA chipset mobo with suse 8.1 through 9.1 using kernels back from the 2.4 series so this kinda strikes me as real odd... and yes I have the speaker cable plugged into the right port on the sound card =P

And if my sound card is just totaly fried any recomendations on a good one for the 2.6 kernel and SuSE 9.1?
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What is the output of
lsmod ?
And what of
ls /proc/asound ?
Do you hear a sound when you log-in as root or is the behaviour the same
independent of whether you log-in as root or as a "normal" user ?
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I don't know if this is a related issue (I also have the AC97/SuSE 9.1), but if I recompile the kernel (I don't know what I'm doing -- I just followed the instructions here) or do a kernel update through YOU, I end up with constant crackling in the background, but otherwise sound is fully functional. It's annoying, because I daren't update the kernel now. If anyone knows how I can start to track this issue, while still being able to roll back to the original kernel easily, I'd be glad of the help.


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You can make a new kernel and give it a different name when you save it. I do this with grub all the time. bzImage.2.6.7test1, bzImage.2.6.7test2 etc etc etc. I have 10 or 12 at the moment. I delete the ones that don't boot though.

cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/bzImage.2.6.7.test1 do test2 next time. Change the name when you go to boot.

If you use lilo, good luck. Can't help you.


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please open a new thread. It's easier to track, plus hacking someone else's thread isn't that fine.

I will try then to help you. Plus I do not know if I can agree with the advice given in the last last response.
Simply copying the kernel Image (bzImage) to /boot under another name is *not* sufficient.
Imagine you build a kernel version 2.6.7. Now you copy the kernel image (bzImage)
to /boot under the name bzImage-2.6.7. There are modules that are not compiled into the kernel but
are loaded at the boot time. This modules are stored in /lib/modules/2.6.7

So far so good. Now you recompile the kernel again and copy the image to /boot under the name
bzImage.2.6.7test1. Now guess from where the modules are loaded ? Again from /lib/modules/2.6.7. And that's *NOT* good at all. The modules shall be in /lib/modules/2.6.7test1.

If you happen to compile a driver as module in the prior run and now you decide to have it into the kernel:
Bingo, there are the problems. A driver compiled into the kernel and then as module can cause a lot of problems
if the module is loaded.

Therefore we need also to make some changes to the Makefile to make everything clean. More details in your new thread.

Last edited by Vlad-A; 07-14-2004 at 02:32 PM.
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Original Poster
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my insmod and ls /proc/asound

Module Size Used by
nls_utf8 2304 0
nvidia 2070120 12
edd 9368 0
joydev 10304 0
sg 35616 0
st 39068 0
sd_mod 20224 0
sr_mod 16292 0
scsi_mod 108748 4 sg,st,sd_mod,sr_mod
ide_cd 36740 0
cdrom 36764 2 sr_mod,ide_cd
nvram 8456 0
usbserial 29040 0
parport_pc 35520 1
lp 11044 0
parport 37832 2 parport_pc,lp
snd_seq_oss 31232 0
snd_seq_midi_event 7680 1 snd_seq_oss
snd_seq 54928 5 snd_seq_oss,snd_seq_midi_event
snd_pcm_oss 57512 0
snd_mixer_oss 18944 1 snd_pcm_oss
ipv6 237440 13
speedstep_lib 3712 0
freq_table 4612 0
thermal 12680 0
processor 16680 1 thermal
fan 4228 0
button 6416 0
battery 8836 0
ac 4996 0
snd_via82xx 25380 4
snd_pcm 97032 2 snd_pcm_oss,snd_via82xx
snd_timer 25860 2 snd_seq,snd_pcm
snd_ac97_codec 62468 1 snd_via82xx
snd_page_alloc 11528 2 snd_via82xx,snd_pcm
gameport 4736 1 snd_via82xx
snd_mpu401_uart 8064 1 snd_via82xx
snd_rawmidi 25508 1 snd_mpu401_uart
snd_seq_device 8456 3 snd_seq_oss,snd_seq,snd_rawmidi
snd 61444 21 snd_seq_oss,snd_seq_midi_event,snd_seq,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_via82xx,snd_pcm,snd_timer,snd_a c97_codec,snd_mpu401_uart,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq_device
soundcore 9056 1 snd
hid 40896 0
ehci_hcd 27908 0
via_ircc 20368 0
irda 120508 1 via_ircc
uhci_hcd 29200 0
via_agp 8832 1
agpgart 30888 2 via_agp
evdev 9856 0
af_packet 20872 2
via_rhine 20104 0
mii 5248 1 via_rhine
usbcore 103516 6 usbserial,hid,ehci_hcd,uhci_hcd
binfmt_misc 10120 1
subfs 7424 1
dm_mod 50300 0
reiserfs 241360 1
linux:~ # ls /proc/asound
. V8235 cards meminfo oss seq version
.. card0 devices modules pcm timers

And no I do not hear anything as root or a normal user, no crackleing nothing... no log in sound, no mp3 audio, no game audio. When I touch the speaker plug to the chassis I get a humming noise thats it. Going to try doing a make cycle on the kernel... just for the heck of it... will let ya'll know if that does anything. I also made sure the speakers worked with my laptop and the speaker system is fine.
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Kernel Panic hehehe....

Well back to the drawing bored, I can't even get the durned thing to mount =P time to rescue disc it... if I can figure i out =P

By the way... reinstalling the older kernel through YaST2 did not fix it... (yes it actualy reisnstalled the earlier 2.6 kernel I had and required a reboot).

Also reinstalling the ALSA and SDL Libs didnt fix it, only reason i tried the SLD libs is because i compiled and put some custom SDL libs on my box to compile a silly game =)

Probly just going to reinstall again... wake up in the morning and everything will be working again, just can't update the kernel in the YaST online update and I don't know why... =/
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Get the 2.6.7 kernel from and compile it.
Or de-install and install the kernel rpm's via from YAST.

Last edited by Vlad-A; 07-14-2004 at 10:04 PM.
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If the sound issue happens again:

Assuming you are loged into KDE as root:

1) Take a look on your System Tray. If KMix is running (Loudspeaker Icon) terminate it => Click with the right button on the Loudspeaker Icon and select "Quit"

2) Click on the application button (the one with SuSE Logo in the lower left corner of the desktop)
Select from the fly-out menu "Control Center". This will start the KDE control center
Select from the left panel "Sound and Multimedia" and then "Sound System"
Take a look on "Enable Sound System" in the reight panel and make sure it's checked.
Press on the "Hardware" Tab in the right panel. Select from the "Select the Audio Device"
Drop-Down List : Advanced Linux Sound Architecture". Click on the "Apply" Button.

3) Now start KMIx again.
Application Button->Multimedia->Volume Control->KMix
KMix will be started. It's very likely that you will see again a Loudspeaker Icon in the System Tray.
Click with the left mouse button on the Icon.
Make sure that the Main Volume (symbol: isosceles right-angle triangle) and Wave Volume (Wave Symbol)
are on. Above those there is a green "LED". Make sure it's on. It has to have a bright-green color.
If it's off it has a less bright green :-) It's not a joke. My Wave Volume was off- I did not realize
this, since the "LED" was green. I understood my wave system was off,
when I clicked the LED and it turned to lighter Green.

Test Sound.
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Original Poster
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Thanks vlad =P
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Originally posted by Vlad-A
Plus I do not know if I can agree with the advice given in the last last response.
Simply copying the kernel Image (bzImage) to /boot under another name is *not* sufficient.
Imagine you build a kernel version 2.6.7. Now you copy the kernel image (bzImage)
to /boot under the name bzImage-2.6.7. There are modules that are not compiled into the kernel but
are loaded at the boot time. This modules are stored in /lib/modules/2.6.7
I have done this countless times and it has not been a problem. I was told by a admin that it will work just fine. That said, do it however it works for you.


Old 07-15-2004, 03:12 AM   #12
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then you are a lucky guy. Anyway that's not the right way and one day you may be not that lucky.

You can the rename the bzImage whatever you want, until
you change the Makefile entry for Version (Extraversion), your kernel has still the same version.
My regards to the admin, who gave you such advice.
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Well, I went and recovered the system However..... still no sound LOL!!!!! I recompiled the linux-2.6.5-7.95 krenel with modules and all that and ... it didnt fix it =/

I also tried to install the ALSA driver but it keeps giving me this compile error 2 stuff.... (BUT i think my alsa stuff is all up to date anyway)

Now...... when I go to YAST and go to HARDWARE > SOUND > and I Delete my #0 soundcard that is autoconfigured, I can't configure the same one or a similar one from the group it says "The kernel module snd-via82xx for sound support could not be loaded. This can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters..." Autodetecting it again just gives me the same garbly gook...

BTW YAST cannot reconfigure kernel modes from its control center for 2.6 kernels yet Why ship a kernel with your product that your cool YAST thing cant manage?!!! thats like suses strongpoint over slack or yoper for me! - I love the FTP install, yast, sax2, the fact that its not broken out of the box on a fresh intall and this is the first time ive seen it barf out all over my hardware =/

The sound card it is autodetecting is a VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 (correct) Audio Controller...

Going to keep working at this till I fix it... now its really buggin me!

P.S. I also tried all the C-Media audio drivers from YAST aswell... cause thats the company that rights them for windows.... but they don't work either...
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OK, hate to ask a really stupid question, but.... are you absolutely certain that the speakers are plugged into the correct output?
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Ive tried all three... outputs

And nope that is a very good question =) No questions are stupid! The answers you could get could be though =)

Unfortunately I do not have a duel boot and I might have fried the sound card on the main board............ don't know if there is a reasonable way to test that as the sound board is not swappable... =/


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