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mr_rob 09-24-2003 11:20 AM

Very slow OpenGL
For some reason, any OpenGL programs I run aren't able to use hardware acceleration, only software emulation which is SLOW.

I have a Dual-Boot between XP and Slackware based Topologi Linux. OpenGL runs great on XP. I'm wondering do I need new drivers?

- Mr. Rob

mr_rob 09-24-2003 12:25 PM

I tried installing the NVIDIA drivers but it failed because I needed the source to my kernel. Which I don't know where to get.

slackmagic 09-24-2003 01:25 PM

what kernel are u on?

do a


uname -r
to find out

post it here and I'm sure someone will be able to get you a link - What distro are you on? Would help letting us know as well :)

aaa 09-24-2003 01:29 PM

What distrobution are you using?

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