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Luc 11-03-2002 10:01 AM

Very confusing rm
ive tried to remove (unlink) a directory unter suse 7.2:

> rm mysql_install_db
> rm: `mysql_install_db' is a directory

> rm --help
> Remove (unlink) the FILE(s).
> -d, --directory unlink directory, even if non-empty (super-user only)

>rm -d mysql_install_db
> rm: cannot unlink `mysql_install_db': Is a directory

How can I delete this damn directory?

neo77777 11-03-2002 10:04 AM

if the directory isn't empty you can recursively remove the contents
rm -r dirname/
if the directory is empty
rmdir dirname/
will suffice

adam_boz 11-03-2002 03:32 PM

If you are trying to unlink something, make sure that you are using the "rm -d" on the linked dir, not the actual one.

Luc 11-04-2002 01:42 PM

thx. rm -r dirname/ is working....

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