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cse_200509 10-24-2007 12:08 PM

Vector Linux
plz help me!
initially i had windows xp on c drive, D and E.
i installed vector in E by creating three part on it.
then i lost access to windows and D drive.
then I reconfigured LILO.cofig.
there may be possibility for wrong root choice.
when i reboot now...
i can access windows xp and D.
but when booting linux ...
kenel panic msg appears.
is there still any way to survive.
i love linux.
new to linux world

saikee 10-24-2007 12:57 PM

You need to provide the following information

(1) Output of "fdisk -l"
(2) /etc/lilo.conf
(3) /etc/fstab

You do it with any Linux Live CD to get (1) and mount the VectorLinux partition to get (2) and (3).

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