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hominy 08-10-2003 02:38 PM

Using slocate in RH 7.2
Struggling with RedHat 7.2, my first attempt at Linux.

I was trying to find where the RPM's are stored on my hard-drive, using slocate. No success.

If, for example, I was trying to find samba-client-2.2.1a-4.rpm, would it be sufficient to type slocate samba-client* while in /

jailbait 08-10-2003 03:59 PM

Your RPM files are on your install CDs. Mount your first install CD on /media/cdrom (or whatever Red Hat uses for a CD mountpoint). I am unfamiliar with slocate so the command I would use is:
find /media/cdrom -iname "*samba-client*"

If it is not on the first install CD:
umount /media/cdrom

and try the second install CD.

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