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strider17 02-05-2004 04:23 PM

users proftpd
hey there, i have mandrake 9.1. I want to run proftpd and have my friends have usernames and such, but i want it all to go into /home/ftp, so they all can upload/download from there etc, and see the files others have uploaded. but i would like them to all have their own usernames. anyway, i have it running... but i can't seem to figure the user thing out. i read some faq thing on this site about it, i followed it about adding a user with like 5555 and all that, but when me or my friend tries to log in it doesn't accept the login/pass. So what do i do? i want to have like 4-5 friends each with their own usernames, but they all go into /home/ftp, and all of them have upload/download priveleges. How do i make it so the username I added actually works with the ftp? please help me and then some thanks.

trickykid 02-05-2004 05:53 PM

Create the users, then edit your /etc/passwd file so they all have /home/ftp as their home directory. And whatever group you place them in, make sure it has full access as well.

It might also be a good idea to give them false or fake shells.

Add /bin/false to your /etc/shells file and make that their default shell. This will not give them any type of shell access to your system.

Inexactitude 02-05-2004 06:21 PM

And if you do give them fake shells, make sure you add this to your proftpd.conf file:


RequireValidShell off

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