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haora 04-19-2005 07:21 AM

useradd not working
Hi all, I'm trying to create a new user in my box...., and this is what I do:

"sudo useradd -r login_name -p password"

And even though the user is created, when I do: "su login_name" and enter the password, it says "incorrect password"..., what's up with that???

I'm sure I'm entering the right password...., how come it doesn't work????

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance....


reddazz 04-19-2005 07:32 AM

If you use "useradd", then don't set the password using the -p flag because it doesn't encrypt the password. You need to set the password using the "passwd" command as root after creating the user e.g. "passwd username".

haora 04-19-2005 07:37 AM

Thanks! it worked!

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