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steve007 08-22-2005 04:00 AM

User Logins on separate machine
I have set up the following and having a little difficulty with file permissions... but i think my answer lies in the user logins... let me explain.

i have a domain controller that has all the users and groups on the UNIX system, all the users are added to samba (while we are on this, how do you add groups to samba? is it possible?)

I have a File Server that stores all the folders and files i wish to share. I can set samba on the File Server to use the Domain Controller as a password server and therefore it allows access to the shared files by authorising them from the domain controller.

However, the actual write permissions i believe are set at the UNIX level, for writing to and modifying the files. I cant set permissions on the files or folders because the users dont exist on the File Server. I dont want to have to set up all the exact same users and groups on the File Server as the domain controller. Is it possible to do a similar thing to what ive done with Samba and use the domain controller as a password server for the UNIX users and groups. if so, how do i do it? also i use webmin to set permissions in ACL... it seemed to work on the domain controller to add multiple groups to the permissions on the files and folders, will this still work to find the users to a password server, because Webmin will give you the option of manually typing a user or group, if it doesnt exist it says it cant add the permissions.... but if it does exist by setting the file server to look for a password server, is Linux smart enough to realise that the user is on another machine?

PS. My system is Fedora Core 3.

Thanks for your help,


cyber-worx 08-22-2005 12:46 PM

I would rsync the passwd and group files, that way when you change one the other will change.

steve007 08-23-2005 03:55 AM

how do i sync the passwords and groups between the machines? what do i do to do this, i am very new to linux so i have no idea what commands to use or nothing...

please help, thank you


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