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james.farrow 02-13-2005 11:54 AM

USB Scanner woes
I have a dual boot PC with Fedora Core 3 and RHEL4 beta 2. In fedora my mustek 1200 ub plus sacnner was easy to setup and all users could use it.
In RHEL4 the same scanner only works for root, anormal user can not use it.
xsane - no devices found.
I have noticed that in fedora there is /dev/scanner0 but this doesn't exist in RHEL4.
One more point, both are using 2.6.9 kernels?

Any help is much appreciated!

james.farrow 02-13-2005 12:48 PM

Problem solved!? Unplugged scanner and proceeded to download the latest sane* packages from
a fedora 3 mirror( and dependencies!)
rpm -Uvh <downloaded packages>
Plugged scanner back in and /dev/scanner-usb-\:proc\:bus\:usb\:001\:005 was created.
Put the right permissions on /dev/scanner-usb-\:proc\:bus\:usb\:001\:005
and it works fine for all users.

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