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bigredmed 09-02-2003 10:04 AM

USB questions
I have SuSe 8.2 Personal edition.

I have a HP 895C deskjet printer on USB that installed correctly.

I have a USB hub that has my wife's PDA on it as well as several other devices that are occasionally used.

When I try to sync the Visor, the visor sync screen comes on, and the PC makes a beep sound. Then nothing until the PDA times out the connection.

I have Ximian Evolution and I was trying to sync through its palm conduit and set up. This is not working.

The USB's are being seen by SuSe, but somehow I can't get the sync to work.

Second USB question:

I have a USB pen drive that I carry student lectures on. I would like to be able to bring the pen drive home to work on lectures on Open Office. How do I set up the OS to read this and where would the files be listed once read?

srenar 09-02-2003 10:26 AM

the first question you have i'd have to do some research on to answer, but i think i can shed some light on your secon question.

first you'll need some modules loaded for your usb to work, these modules are;
uhci or ohci ------ depending on your hardware
usb-storage -------- to see your "pendrive"
then youll also need to make sure your "scsi emulation" is setup and functioning properly because usb drives, flashcard readers and usb external drives use scsi emulation.
the drive will most likly be detected and assigned as "/dev/sda1"
the next step is to set up the mount point. create a directory in the "/mnt" directory and edit your "/ect/fstab" file to add the new directory as a mount point for /dev/sda1 the file system will most likey be "vfat" or if all else fails try "auto" also remember to enter "rw"-- read write--

after that at the command line type "mount /mnt/dirname you gave it in your /ect/fstab" and you should be able to view the files on your pen drive.

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