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BHT 12-27-2008 04:08 PM

USB Mouse / Memory Stick: System Requirements - MS Windows
I have a travel-sized USB port mouse and a 2GB USB port memory stick, both unopened. I purchased them for my wifes new mini-laptop with Linux (of which I am quite ignorant of the Linux OS) Both USB items state that some version of either MAC or MS Windows is needed to be compatible with the USB units.
I'm hesitent in opening them as returning them may be more difficult if out of the package.
Any guidance? Should I expect them to work effectively?

PS. They are a SONY microvault Click 2GB stick and a NEXXTACH Ultimate Rectractible Travel Mouse.

jschiwal 12-27-2008 04:14 PM

I've had fewer problems with usb pendrives and usb hid devices in Linux than in Windows. At work, a salesman left behind some 1G usb drives. They don't work in XP or Win2000, but work in Linux. Right now, I'm using a Logitec wireless mouse. I used to use a Tascan wireless mouse before it went bad (got wet?). Both worked by just plugging in the transmitter.

If there are special features to the mouse, you may need some xorg.conf edits to fully utilize them but virtually any usb wheel mouse should work fine.


It is hard for people to chime in whether they use the same brand of mouse and usb pendrive if you don't indicate the brand & model.

P.S. I don't have any experience with bluetooth devices. Linux does have bluetooth support, but your wife may need to use here distro's configuration wizard, and may need to enable bluetooth in the netbooks bios.

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