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jdmml 09-19-2004 02:12 PM

Usb drive bootable?
I have a 512 MB usb key and I would like to install a Linux Live CD on to it. However when I download it, it comes as a .iso file. I am currently looking at Morphix and Berry Linux. How would I make the drive bootable? When I start up the computer I see an option for usb drives. However, how do I put a .iso file onto a drive? Thanks for the help

m_yates 09-19-2004 04:41 PM

There are some useful links and documentation here:

jschiwal 09-19-2004 04:48 PM

I think you need to use the dd command. For the output file name, use the device rather than the partition.

jdmml 09-20-2004 09:21 PM

ah... whats the dd command :D sorry i dont know that much

michaelk 09-20-2004 10:25 PM

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