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austinbravo 07-20-2008 04:27 PM

Upgrading Kernel 2.4.20 to in RedHat Linux 9

I am new to Linux. Somehow ended up loading RedHat Linux 9. It's nice, but I have few questions with which I think I can start my journey through Linux.
1. My current Kernel version is 2.4.20, I need to upgrade it to I have the resources, but I really need step-by-step instructions to
perform this as I am stuck somehow due to lack of information.

2. After I perform the above upgrade, can I continue upgrading it with
2.6 kernel version?

3. I have a WUA 1340 USB Wireless Adapter. I have the drivers for it to install in Linux. But no idea of how to do it?

4. Is there any way we can connect to the Linux machine remotely,(if I am an existing user in my system) ,mostly from windows machines and work with my account? I mean what tool de I need to use or need to follow any procedure?

Sorry:scratch: for many questions, but need to do these things asap. Please help me. Thank you much.

XavierP 07-20-2008 04:35 PM

You can upgrade the kernel, but Red Hat 9 is now obsolete - there have been no updates for it for a few years and it is likely to be riddled with security holes. It's equivalently aged competitor OS is Windows 95, to give you an idea of age and obsolescence.

My advice would be to go straight to using Fedora or another newer distro because you get to start with a modern distro and none of the headaches. To bring RH9 up to date would involve updating, by hand, every single piece of software on the box. In particular, your wireless card is unlikely to work.

As far as remote access is concerned, look into using remote ssh.

FranDango 07-21-2008 06:54 PM

If you really have to stick with a system as old as RH 9, then you should probably also stick with it's kernel version - unless you really enjoy building custom kernels, in which case you can upgrade to any kernel version that your hardware can support.

You should consider upgrading to either RHEL, CentOS or Fedora - depending on budget and requirements.

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austinbravo 07-21-2008 11:52 PM

Got it, started fedora
Thank you much:D, I am going ahead with Fedora, tonight I Have downloaded the iso DVD. So, I would be starting it right away. And thank you again for that fast response. If i have any questions, I would post them. Please help me in future if required.

Thank you:)

austinbravo 07-21-2008 11:59 PM

No, I think I need to upgrade now...
Hey FranDango:), I will for sure go with Fedora.

Thank you for your fast response.


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