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LQJuice54 01-06-2010 05:06 PM

Upgrade K12Linux (Fedora 10 to 12) ???
Hello all,

I have a K12Linux Server (Fedora 10) running at my school and would like to upgrade from Fedora 10 to Fedora 12. As you may know, Fedora 10 is no longer supported for updates.

1) Should I expect any issues going from 10 to 12, if I'm running the K12Linux mod? If so, are there ways around them?

2) Also, I know it's recommended for fresh installs, so is there a way of easily transferring all users and configs from the original server to a freshly installed Fedora 12?

The actual /home partition for all users is on a different raided partition, but all the / and other directories are on 1 partition.

I am running the x86_64 version of K12Linux (Fedora 10).

If you need more details please let me know. I know they are out with the Fedora 11 beta-1 for the K12Linux, but I'd like to stay a bit more on the full release/stable side, even though Fedora by nature is bleeding-edge.

Cheers and Thanks in advance.

ngwasuma 01-06-2010 05:11 PM

As the old saying goes, "Never touch a running system" - if you do not have issues with your current system, my humble opinion is you leave it alone.

I have a freeradius server running on Fedora 5 and works like a charm - never felt like upgrading the Fedora! - but people are different!

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