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Alderian 08-23-2003 07:39 AM

Updated IceWM?
I have mandrake 9.1, and that came with IceWM 1.2.6.
I have now downloaded and run 1.2.10 but the menu is very empty, how do I get the old menu that was on the 1.2.6 version?

Mega Man X 08-23-2003 07:50 AM

You should have saved these files before upgrading/removing IceWM :). Try to see if you can find at your home directory a hidden folder called ./icewm. There should be your "menu", "keys", "toolbar", "preferences" and other files. If they are not, go into /usr/share/icewm and copy those files ("menu", "keys", "toolbar", "preferences") to your


Re-run Icewm and see if it works. If it did not, then you will need to write the "menu" file manually with your favorite editor. It's a bit of work, but nothing really complicated to do :)

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