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Longinus 12-07-2003 08:08 PM

Update Redhat Linux 9.0 Kernel

how would i go about updating my kernel?

the kernel im running is 2.4.20-8

**now i have no idea what all those numbers mean except that that is the kernel

my distribution is Redhat 9.0

please help


J.W. 12-07-2003 09:11 PM

Longinus - as you know Linux is in a constant state of evolution, and for each major release of the kernel, there will be a number of incremental improvements made, which are released as minor versions of the kernel. The 2.4.20 kernel is very stable, and as long as you're happy with it, you may want to just stick with it. [Important security note: as unSpawn details on the LQ home page, there is known security issue that was recently discovered with certain vesions of the kernel; please see unSpawn's comments for more detail.]

In any event, if you are running Redhat v9.0, you probably have the up2date service enabled on your machine (it's the red dot (or blue, depending) to the left of your clock) A red dot indicates that there are updates available; the blue dot indicates your system is fully up to date. I recently installed Redhat 9 on one of my machines, and the latest version of the kernel I got was 2.4.20-24.9 Clearly the simplest way of obtaining this version would be to let up2date get it (and install it) for you. Just click on the red dot and follow the prompts.

On the other hand, if you actually asking about how to compile your own kernel, that would be a different project. There are a variety of other threads on that topic; I recommend using the Search function to obtain further information. -- J.W.

Longinus 12-08-2003 02:03 PM

cool thanks JW

the reason i asked was because i heard something about the newer kernals better support ntfs file mounting, so that i wouldnt have to get somoe special software to mount my windows partition

darkpark 12-08-2003 02:19 PM

One thing I have noticed with Redhat Linux is that they don't provide major kernel updates within a single release of their linux.
example: they won't update your kernel to 2.6.x in Redhat Linux 9, but will provide it for version 10. (of course I know that there won't be a version 10)

i think that's how it usually works. so if you want to move to the new kernel 2.6.x then you'll have to manually do it.

Longinus 12-08-2003 02:20 PM

bla :(

well later when they get the 2.6 kernel stable how would i go about compiling it and replacing it with my current kernel?

J.W. 12-08-2003 02:58 PM

You would go here: to get the source code of the version you want to install, then follow these instructions Compiling your own kernel sounds like it would be difficult but actually it turns out not to be that tough. Just like any other major upgrade, I'd recommend backing up your important data first. Good luck with it. -- J.W.

Longinus 12-08-2003 07:02 PM

thanks jw

ill try those links

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