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Arkas 08-23-2003 01:09 PM

Unknown Item in Tray
I installed Red Hat 9 and modified my panel. I added a system tray so that i can use the KDE Keyboard Tool and KGet. When i finished i realized that there was also a grey square there that i can't get rid off. I saw my share of linux screenshots in the internet and thats the first time i see something like this. Is there a way to turn this thing off.

Here is a screenshot to see what i'm talking about.

If you know how to remove this plz tell me.
Thanks in advance.

dmx9595 08-23-2003 01:19 PM

yeah i hade the excat same thing/problem.. its the Printing Notifcation Icon, you should just be able to right click and Quit, although i do think that a while ago i could never right click it but now i can for sum reason or another..

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