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Haggis56 01-09-2005 06:12 PM

uninstalled Mandrake10
I installed Linux mandrake 10 just to get the feel of the system . The install went ok and i never came across any hitches realy. My problem now that i like what i see i decided to install Mandrake to my other PC so had to uninstall it from the main computer i have. Now that it has been uninstalled and the system reformatted then reinstalled windows me Mandrake still boots to the menu asking if i want to boot to windows , linux , floppy , and some other things are said in the same menu. I have to scroll down the menu everytime i boot up and select windows as i dont now have linux.

Reformatting does not seem to get rid of this boot menu even though i have used fdisk and there is only one primary partition active nothing else .

Hope this has been explained ok and someone can understand what i'm saying any help would be appreciated

Cheers ................Derek

reddazz 01-09-2005 06:31 PM

Boot from a windows 98 or me startup floppy disk. When you get to the A prompt do

fdisk /MBR

and your mbr will be restored so you won't have the lilo or grub menu when you startup your computer.

Junior Hacker 01-12-2005 07:30 PM

yeah.... what he said, except don't put a space anywhere in there.

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