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Futureman 07-10-2003 12:23 PM

uninstall mandrake 9.1 + preserve partitions

i have a system which dual boots win2k, and mandrake 9.1.....I would like to uninstall mandrake and install a diff linux distribution
-is there any way of doing this without deleting my linux partition/swap space?
-if so, do i just need my mandrake boot disk/cd's?


fancypiper 07-10-2003 12:27 PM

Yes. Just choose to format your linux partitions during new install and that will erase Mandrake.

JaseP 07-10-2003 03:47 PM

If your /home is a seperate partition, I would recommend not re-formating that. That way you can keep your user data, and all you need to is migrate it to the new accounts that you create.

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