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Raggit 03-09-2004 09:25 PM

Uninstall Flash Plugin
Hey guys..

I'm trying to completely uninstall the flash plugin becuase it simply
doesn't work. So i want to uninstall it and try to reinstall it and see
if it will actually work this time. I've tried the following with the following

[blahblahfooboochoohoo@localhost lib]$ rpm -e flash-plugin
error: cannot get exclusive lock on /var/lib/rpm/Packages
error: cannot open Packages index using db3 - Operation not permitted (1)
error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm

No idea why that is telling me I can not get to those directories.

Little help needed, thnx

whoiskodama 03-09-2004 09:50 PM

su root?

try uninstalling as root. you may not have permissions to access the folders that contain the rpm. I imagine you had to enter the root password to install it, no?

Raggit 03-09-2004 10:54 PM

Are you saying I need to log out as user and log back in as root and give it a go from there. I sometimes try to do things in here and it asks me for the root password and I thought once you put it in one time it's a done deal. I must be sadly mistaken. I'll try logging outWithout a Cause and back in as root and doing an uninstall

whoiskodama 03-09-2004 10:58 PM

you can do all that in the commandline. just type:

su root

then it will ask you for your password.
btw, what distro are you using? just curious

Raggit 03-10-2004 10:18 PM

Fedora Core 1 is the distro im using

whoiskodama 03-13-2004 08:45 AM

I wouldn't login as root at the login screen. Thats a little unsafe. What if you forget that you're logged in as root? may you accidently delete something and it screws linux all up and you can't boot into it. Just use the command line...a little harder to mess up.

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