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oswald21 03-10-2003 09:37 AM

Understanding SSH (Sun box to Linux box)
I've got some problems using SSH from my Solaris box (2.7) to talk to my Linux machines (Red Hat 8.0).

On my sun box, I am running: SSH Secure Shell 2.2.0 (non-commercial version) and I cannot just uninstall it and put Open SSH there.

On my Linux box, I am running openssh-3.5p1-6

The big issue is how do I my Solaris box to ssh, scp, etc to my Linux without a password? The format of the public keys are different in these versions of SSH, so I always need to add a password to push stuff from the Sun box to the Linux.

The commands are generated via "ssh-keygen -t dsa" on both machines.

For instance, here is public key on my Sun box (non-commerical):

Subject: root
Comment: "1024-bit dsa, root@bilbo, Mon Mar 10 2003 15:32:28"

Here is the public key on my Linux box:

ssh-dss AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBAKkr4ueXZjdlQnxodHG5cV3Nu64zdS3757kafEAKVtaUAREjZn4l
X/PxuS7vXbKbTibdKb6ciu3hlxE= root@canton

My newbie question is, why the heck are the DSA public keys different? And how do I go about making them so that the SSH's understand one another?


timothyb89 07-08-2006 01:59 PM

So are you just trying to SSH without a password?
If you can figure out how to create an account without a password, then you're set.

And what do you mean by "making the ssh's understand each other?"
They should just work.

Can you SSH from your Linux box to your Sun box? Or vice versa?

btmiller 07-08-2006 02:06 PM

You may be able to use an RSA key as opposed to a DSA key, but I'd suggest trying with the DSA keys you have. In particular OpenSSH might be able to recognize the keys produced by the old SSH. Is there no way at all you can put OpenSSH on the Sun system?

In any case, creating an acount without a password is a bad idea unless you're on a completely trusted network (i.e. physically secure, used only by you, and not connected to the Internet).

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