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salparadise 02-03-2003 01:13 PM

undead linux

I came across a new (to me) version of linux called Undead Linux

it claims to have built in support for nVidia cards and comes shipped with mplayer et al

it is however a single cd

has anyone come across this version and is it any good ?

Thymox 02-04-2003 03:52 AM ?

If it has nVidia support, then it will only be because they have downloaded the drivers and put it in the install/startup scripts. You could probably get the same kind of graphical throughput with your nV card on any distro, so long as you download the nVidia drivers... go to the nV website for them.

salparadise 02-04-2003 06:38 AM


i've been to the nvidia site

i have a number of src.rpms and source files

the source files won't compile

"illegal exit from folder Error 1"

or the source rpm's make ok and then won't install

everything installs and i thats the last I see of my desktop till I've reinstalled everything again

i have found at least 4 completely different sets of instructions on "how to get the Nvidia card to work"

put simply

this is beyond me at the moment

one day

moeminhtun 02-04-2003 06:54 AM

Mandrake also has build in support for nVidia cards in their standard edition onwards. (of course free download edition doesn't have)

annehoog 02-04-2003 06:55 AM

there's a very good how to on the nvidia linux forum (accesible via the nvidia download site) especially written for RH8.


salparadise 02-04-2003 07:53 AM


I'm using Mandrak 9

good friend with 1MB connection has downloaded Undead Linux for me.(as well as 3rd Mandrake cd- i only have the first 2 disks at present)

I await the postman...

Thymox 02-04-2003 08:45 AM


Originally posted by salparadise
everything installs and i thats the last I see of my desktop till I've reinstalled everything again
I think this gives the game away! If you read the instructions carefully, it states that you need to quit X before installing the drivers. In Mandy, what I would do is open up a terminal and type init 3 to close X completely (some would suggest <ctrl><alt><backspace>, but that serves only to restart the X server in Mandy) and from there try installing the drivers.

Kenster 02-11-2003 12:44 PM

I've got a Nvidea TNT2 card in my machine, and when I installed MAndrake 9.0 I never had one problem with it working!


MatthewSabin 03-28-2003 09:47 AM

I love it...
I've just gotten Undead Linux to recognize my (non nVidia) video board.


I'm still working on the sound card (VIA AC97 on-board)

I dual-boot Mandrake 9.0 and Xandros on his machine and Undead was the fastest install and the fastest running.

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