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WannaLearnLinux 08-27-2003 10:19 PM

unable to get connected
Hi all,

i have problem i need your help!

i installed in Mandrake 9.1 with KDE desktop non-root firewall.
Problem is that everytime i launch its firewall it shows only settings,where i can't do anything else than read help and cancel it.
So i reboot as root in KDE and try to set it up.But too much for me,don't understand it much.
Then i just pressed "aply" ,that was all.

I forgot,i did that when i was off line,i mean i disconnected cabel from computer so anyone couldn't get in my box while i was as root user.

So i ran web browser and it said something like "Can't resolve host name".Of course i had cabel back to NIC card.

I reboot few times without any effects.Still saying same thing.

I'm on my other computer to get help.

Please does anyone know what happened?

Do i have to just uninstall somehow this firewall Guarddog?

Please post something helpfull.

Thanks a lot,


l0f33t 08-27-2003 10:35 PM


I would uninstall the firewall first.

Use the Mandrake Control Center System Configuration Tool either on your tool bar or inside the Mandrake Pulldown menu. You'll be prompted for the root password.
Click on Software Management.
Then choose the Remove software.
This will bring up a window "Software Packages Removal"
In the search window type the name of your firewall package.
This should find the package, and then all that you need to is choose Uninstall..

This is assuming that this was a package that came with MDK 9.1. This would mean that this is an RPM package. If this was something that didn't come with MDK 9.1 then you need to let us know.
I.E...was this an RPM file or a Tar..gz file that you downloaded from the internet? Are you getting a public ip address or are you getting DHCP private or public ip address from the ISP?

Then I can help you get a firewall up and running.. Shorewall firewall..DA-BOMB...of firewalls for simple and complex setups..

What were you hoping to accomplish with a firewall..?
Do you have more than one pc that your trying to share the internet connection with? Specifically what is your setup and what kind of connection do you have to your ISP.. Dialup, ADSL, DSL, PPPOE...????


WannaLearnLinux 08-27-2003 10:54 PM

thanx a lot
I'm glad for your reply l0f33t.

I'm routing cabel and i'm switching cabel between those 2 computers i have.

I'm newbie and don't kno much,just installed Linux few months ago.

Someone recommended me Guarddog as good firewall.

I forgot i have Siemens router with build in firewall.
I connected my and friends computer through its router somehow.I didn't know much.And i don't know more now.

And i downloaded Guarddog somewhere and it was RPM i guess.Not installed from Mandrake 9.1 cds.

What kind of file it was?Don't know because I'm running on my new comp with XPs.Because couldn't get connection on Linux box.

Hope this will help you to help me.

Sorry english.


l0f33t 08-27-2003 11:18 PM

Well if your router already has a firewall then you shouldn't really need to install another firewall on the same LAN.

Not knowing about firewalling in general is one thing, but placing two firewalls on the same network will make your hair turn gray overnight, especially if your not familar firewalling.

If I were you I would get familar with the firewall thats installed on your routing device first. This firewall should do exactly what you need it to do for the type of simple setup that you have.

Usually you just want all connections blocked incoming and allow all outbound connections to start using NAT. Then you can start to get more restrictive by only allowing just the necessary ports out bound. Http, Https, Dns, Ftp, Smtp, Pop3 ect...ect...

Not trying to be mean, but you should focus on how to use the firewall thats on the routing device for now. This should serve your needs just fine.
Once you get familar with how that works (general concepts) then you will be more comfortable with installing and using a firewall on linux.

WannaLearnLinux 08-28-2003 12:09 AM

thanx again
Gladly I'm back from my Linux box.i uninstalled firewall.

You're right.I din't know much about routers.

Problem is that i won't make mess,because i'm renting room with its routed cabel connection.So i'm kind a scared to do anything and made internet disconnected.Not any problems with owner.

Glad for my room.

Why I'm messing around firewalls?Because i know someone who is watching in my comp,another one.So i lost my primary email account.Which was very frustrating.

Then i started reading about Linux and installed it on my old comp.

Can mail server help me from unwanted "friends" readers ?

Thanks again

l0f33t 08-28-2003 12:22 AM

I don't understand what your saying. Did someone hack your windows machine and this is why you want to install linux?

Anyone who is on the same ethernet segment or shares the same cable modem can easily sniff email traffic because SMTP traffic is sent in clear text accrossed the internet. This means that if your using an smtp server to send mail and a pop3 server to get mail that anyone that is on the same ethernet segment can sniff this traffic, read your email and get your pop3 password and essentially gain access to your smtp account.

If you cant trust the people on your local ethernet segment then that sucks.
Yes, you could setup a firewall on linux that wouldn't allow people access to your machines files and shares but this won't stop anyone from sniffing the traffic that goes accrossed the same ethernet segment.
To keep people from doing that you would need to get a encypted smtp connection through https or something.

Not to sure what to tell you here. Sorry..

WannaLearnLinux 08-28-2003 12:59 AM

it wasn't "friend" sharing same connection.It was someone from outside i know he's doing that to all of my friends.He is looking into our Windows computers and reading our emails.

I want to stop this.Yeas this is why i started with Linux.

keep my work as secure as possible,so i was wondering about mail server,but i see it so difficult for me

I'm not going forward.i'm stucked and don't know what to do.

will mail server help from unwanted readers from outside LAN?

I don't care from inside LAN because i write in my born lenguage,not english .)

Thank you for feeling me not uninstall Linux and start doing something.Just need to start somewhere.


l0f33t 08-28-2003 01:57 AM

If I were you I would install ZoneAlarm on all Wincows computers. Trying to install a mail server is going to be way beyond your knowledge right now and only cause allot of frustration.

This is a windows security problem that is easily fixed and well documented.

But setting up a linux box with a firewall installed will do the trick. So do you have one windows box and one linux box?

Are you using dhcp right now to get an ip address from the cable/modem?

If so is this address a public ip address or a private ip address?


WannaLearnLinux 08-28-2003 05:35 PM

ok then
Yes i have 2 boxs,one with XPs (the new one) and one old comp where is 98se with Linux on one hard drive.

if I'm using DHCP? Yes.

But I'm not sure about what kind of Ip i'm using.I think it is public,it starts on 192.268.blabla .

And one more thing.i don't want to run XPs.I've heard lot bad about that.

Yes I wannalearnlinux :study:

thanx for helping me

l0f33t 08-28-2003 05:48 PM


So your not going to use XP at all then?

What is the ip address that you get from dhcp? Just give me the first 3 octets of the address. You said 192.268.?.x Please confirm this?

Are you only going to have one computer hooked up to the internet?

WannaLearnLinux 08-28-2003 05:58 PM

thanx again
Yea i might use Xps only for gaming and mp3s because my sound card here at old box sucks.

Yes my IP starts on 192.168 -which is public IP i guess.

Sorry for bothering you,but I'm newbie.Don't know much about Windows either.

And yes this is only connected box,the other one with XPs sleep.I'm switching cabel from one to another.We have just 2 port router i forgot to tell you.So owner has primary and me secondary.

l0f33t 08-29-2003 01:43 AM


Right now I think that the best thing that you can do is install Zone Alarm on the XP machine and get familar with this firewall first. It's free and works wonderfully. And this will provide you with exactly what your looking for in respects to security.

This is what I recommend that you do:

1> First visit this site to learn how to secure your windows environment. This site is for people that are new to Windows and is very informative and shows you visually what you need to do to secure your windows machine without a firewall. You need to learn about this stuff before you worry about trying to conifigure a firewall.

Go to this site below first an be patient: This is going to be an awesome learning experience for you right from the start, all the way to the end.
This is going to show you what vulnerabilities you are suffering from and show you how to close up the security holes that you have. Please take your time. Once you've gone through this site and all of the informative links you will not only feel much more confident about your computer privacy but you will have learned quit a bit.

After you have a handle on the steps taken in this site to secure your windows machine then you'll be ready to install ZoneAlarm. This is where the fun begins. ZoneAlarm will teach you allot about what windows is trying to blab out to the internet. It is the most user friendly firewall around and in my opinion the best host based firewall for windows. It keeps logs of everything and is all GUI Based. You even have a log file that you can have record everything. I believe that this is going to be the most productive for you. You will be learning at a beginners pace and won't run into many stumbleing blocks as you will with linux. More productivity=less frustration and more happiness..:) Can't loose...:D I speak from experience and this is what I would've wanted someone to tell me when I was just learning about networking and security..

It is very important that you goto the above site first and work through the program that they have setup before you install ZoneAlarm.

Here's the ZoneAlarm site.

I don't mean to be rude to you, but I can tell that trying to walk you through setting up a firewall on linux is going to cause both of us more harm than good. I'm saying this from the heart. I've been exactly where your at. This isn't a bad thing at all. But I feel that you need to slowly build on your computer foundation of knowledge. Right now you would be doing yourself
a disfavor by jumping from not knowing much about computing in general to trying set a linux firewall. This is like jumping from Point A to Point Z without learning whats needed to get to point Z.

How does this sound WannaLearnLinux? :D

WannaLearnLinux 08-29-2003 09:46 PM

Yes bro,

you are absolutely right.I'm jumping from A to Z .)

it is true.I thought that it is gonna be easy on mandrake 9.1 gui,but it isn't much easier than on Windows from Microsoft.

I haven't check those URLs but going there right now.thanks for your help.I appreciate it,

WannaLearnLinux ....but should start learning basic stuff .)

Thanks a lot!


l0f33t 08-29-2003 11:55 PM

No Problem..

Thanks, :)

WannaLearnLinux 08-30-2003 12:04 AM

sorry man,i was trying to help you with installing that game you have problem,but problem is somewhere i can't help....ooopps

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