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frznchckn 10-09-2011 03:26 PM

unable to connect to machine via NOMACHINE
I'm trying to connect to an Ubuntu 11.04 laptop using the nxclient. NOMACHINE is installed on the laptop. I get a "connection error" and the details provided are as follows:

Any thoughts?

NX> 1000 NXNODE - Version 3.2.0-74-SVN OS (GPL, using backend: 3.5.0)
NX> 700 Session id: seedling-2000-2A55EFFC18D0E4BE096BA41E230BC493
NX> 705 Session display: 2000
NX> 703 Session type: unix-gnome
NX> 701 Proxy cookie: 1f01a0803b909e7067db8c72ea9adc07
NX> 702 Proxy IP:
NX> 706 Agent cookie: 1f01a0803b909e7067db8c72ea9adc07
NX> 704 Session cache: unix-gnome
NX> 707 SSL tunneling: 0
NX> 105 NX> 596 Session startup failed.
NX> 1004 Error: NX Agent exited with exit status 1. To troubleshoot set SESSION_LOG_CLEAN=0 in node.conf and investigate "/home/rfriesen/.nx/F-C-seedling-2000-2A55EFFC18D0E4BE096BA41E230BC493/session". You might also want to try: ssh -X myserver; /usr/lib/nx/nxnode --agent to test the basic functionality. Session log follows:
Can't open /var/lib/nxserver/db/running/sessionId{2A55EFFC18D0E4BE096BA41E230BC493}: No such file or directory.
mv: cannot stat `/var/lib/nxserver/db/running/sessionId{2A55EFFC18D0E4BE096BA41E230BC493}': No such file or directory
NX> 1006 Session status: closed
NX> 280 Exiting on signal: 15

acid_kewpie 10-09-2011 04:56 PM

so what did you do with the advice present in the error message??

frznchckn 10-09-2011 07:35 PM

I did follow the error messages but to no avail. I thought twice and realized vnc provided the short term access I needed to this box so I abandoned nomachine.


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