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dmiralles2009 07-05-2012 01:43 PM

Unable to comunicate with PC/104 board using TS7260 in TS-Linux
Good to be a newbie.
I am using a SBC TS-7260, which is a ARM-processor. I am trying to interface this SBC with a custom made PC/104 which has a FPGA,which offer 4 serial uart ports in which you have to set dinamically the I/O and IRQ for each port. Now, according to the board specifications this device contains a UART in which you set the BASE(0x300) with rotatory switches and the IO and IRQ dynamically. So lets say you set them to 0x300(BASE). This means at 0x300 you then need to write the upper Most Significant Bye (MSB) of the Serial port IO address and at 0x301 you need to write the Least Significant Byte (LSB) of the Serial Port IO address, like this:
0x300 0x03(msb)
0x301 0xf8(lsb)
0x302 0x06(irq=6 in board)
I manage to configure successfully the board using /dev/mem and mmap for writing to the memory area for the pc/104 of the ARM board.
the pc/104 does not get recognised automatically with the SBC(no new entrie in /dev directory). So after several weeks trying to interface it I decided to create a device driver for it.
I am able to open the new file and writing to it, however I can not use the setserial command with my diver. I always get:
"Unknown IOCTL command for this driver: 541e
Cannot get serial info: Invalid argument"
And now, I am doubting, if my char device will work for this mission of serial port communication. Should I write a tty driver instead of a regular char driver?
Any input will be great

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