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minighosh 08-19-2007 08:04 AM

umount/initrd/proc failed :2 kernel panic: no int found

This is in continuation of my earlier post, I did not get how to reply to earlier post by "reverse". when I switch on my laptop, I get 2 options for booting i.e. Fedora core 2.6...... and others (this is Windows).

But before that I press Esc then I see following: Boot menu
Hard drive,Removable device, CD ROM, Built in LAN, Enter setup

I choose CDROM and booted it by Knoppix CD. And following is the results of few commands.

$cd /Desktop
CDROM [cdrom] Trash hda1 hda2 hda3

When I double click on hda1, I get windows Recyclebin etc.

hda2/ is knoppix things as it says /mnt/hda2/konquerer

hda3 i am not able to view as it gives

mount:wrong fs type, bd option bad superlock dev/hda3

Knoppix$mount /

mount:according to mtab, /dev/root is already mounted on /
mount failed

Knoppix$cd /dev/root

bash:cd:/dev/root: no such file or directories


Desktop tmp

$cd ..
Knoppix@ttyp0[home]$cd ..
home var
...[ramdisk]$cd ..
Knoppix boot dev home root bin ramdisk mfs none proc var ....

So this is all what I get now. Please guide me further. This linux was installed by our computer administrator 3 years back and I do not have much idea of installation related stuff, it was working properly until yesterday.


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