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fbarre 08-28-2003 01:47 PM

Uhuu... finally got my 1st Kernel working but
I'm a fresh newbie... so happy to have succeeded in compiling and loading my first kernel and moving from RH 2.4.18 to 2.4.21 (tar file) after many many deceiving attempts :D

Now, when I enter "df -all", I notice that my /boot is no longer there (it used to be mounted on /dev/hda2 while using RH 2.4.18)

And entering "ls /boot", returns ONLY one file "kernel.h". I'm wondering where all those files such as "" & "vmlinuz" went. :confused:

Did I forget to add a line in my "grub.conf"?

But my root "/" is properly mounted on /dev/hda3 though

Any tips?


Mara 08-28-2003 02:34 PM

What filesystem do you use for /boot? Maybe its support is not compiled into the kernel? Look into starting logs, there should be something here (I understand you have /boot in /etc/fstab).

fbarre 08-28-2003 07:02 PM

Yes you're right, I didn't have the EXT3 journal compiled in the kernel. It works now!

Thanks a bunch!

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